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Theory Of A Deadman, The Parlor Mob @ Sound Academy, Toronto (Photos and Review)

07-Jul-2009 09:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Theory Of A Deadman
Theory Of A Deadman, The Parlor Mob
Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario on June 25, 2009
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It was really only by chance that I ended up at the Theory Of A Deadman concert. As I mentioned in my Sunday article about The Artist Sanctuary, I noticed one of the guys from Theory Of A Deadman was wearing a shirt from The Parlor Mob, and when I spoke to him about it, I learned that The Parlor Mob were going to be opening the show on the upcoming Thursday. I've been listening to The Parlor Mob album regularly and love it, and I like a few of the hits from Theory Of A Deadman, so we made some on-the-spot arrangements.

[Note: I feel slightly odd about posting this article today. The band name Theory Of A Deadman comes from the original title of the track Last Song written by Tyler Connolly (vocals, guitar) about a man who writes his memoirs before committing suicide. Although there is no real connection with the news of Martin Streek taking his own life yesterday (former DJ of 20 years at 102.1), the song does broach the subject and so I can't help but mentally make that connection.]

Theory Of A Deadman

The honest truth is that The Parlor Mob were more than 50% of the reason I was at this show, but I was still looking forward to hearing Theory Of A Deadman play Santa Monica and some of their other radio hits. Tyler Connolly (vocals, guitar) is a strong alt-rock frontman, and although there isn't much physical resemblance to Nickelback, there were many times throughout the set where the music and vocals combined in a way that reminded me heavily of that Juno-award winning band.

Theory Of A Deadman  Theory Of A Deadman  Theory Of A Deadman

The band played a tight set that was emphasized with a light show that was much more than usual for the Sound Academy. The crowd, at least where I was standing, appeared to be composed of a number of heavy drinkers making for a few interesting nearby happenings. For now, I'll just say there were some points where it got strange. Perhaps Theory Of A Deadman will follow the same path as Nickelback and dominate the Junos at some point in the future?

Theory Of A Deadman  Theory Of A Deadman  Theory Of A Deadman

Info: Theory Of A Deadman | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

The Parlor Mob

I realize that listening to The Parlor Mob is, in many ways, like being back in the 70's since they are so heavily inspired by some of the great bands of that era, and noticeably so by Led Zeppelin. But even so, there's a lot more going on in their music than just that. Friends have told me that they hear influences from the White Stripes and/or Jack White as well, so I think the truth is that their music can be related to bands of the past as well of bands of the present (who may have similar influences).

The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob

Aside from all of that is the fact that they just sound incredible. Head-shaking, super-loud hard rock that has grown on me immensely since seeing and hearing The Parlor Mob for the first time back in February. I can't stop listening to Everything You're Breathing For, and getting to hear them play that while I was up against the stage was probably one of the more exciting moments I've had at a concert since... well, since last week during NXNE, but still, it was pretty great. There are still many months to go this year, but I'm almost positive that their album And You Were A Crow will show up in my top albums of 2009 (ignoring the fact that it was released in 2008). If you listen to even a little hard rock now and then, it is an album that should be in your collection.

The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob

Info: The Parlor Mob | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Media: Everything You're Breathing For (stream)


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