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Concert Review: Thornley

11-Dec-2008 08:30 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The Ending
The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario on December 5, 2008
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The Horseshoe turned 61 years-old last week, and not a year goes by without some sort of anniversary party. Unlike last year's 60th anniversary bash, this year was much closer to business-as-usual, but the venue did mark the occasion with a two night stay of Thornley as the headlining act, and The Ending, a band that includes Sergio Galli (yes, from Platinum Blonde), opening the night.


So here's the thing, I'm going to publicly admit ignorance. Back in the late 90's I had this album by Big Wreck called In Loving Memory Of, and I listened to it quite a bit. Then about 8 years pass, and in that time I start going out to more shows and photographing bands. And even though I've heard Thornley on 102.1, I've never actually made the connection between Big Wreck and Thornley. As in Ian Thornley, vocals/guitar for Big Wreck. Hey, I never claimed to be knowledgeable. So here's the other thing: It turns out I like Thornley more than I thought I did.

Thornley  Thornley  Thornley

Ian Thornley (vocals, guitar) carries the show like a rock pro, big guitars, big vocals, and lots of confidence. He also switched guitars regularly; I swear he must have one guitar per song on the set list, and he plays them loud. Although much of my listening these days is taken up with more indie rock than hard rock, every now and then I like to get out to a good hard rock show. Like C'Mon (playing The Horseshoe on December 12th), and now Thornley. I think part of the reason I enjoyed the show as much as I did is that the set list contained a fair number of Big Wreck songs.

Thornley  Thornley  Thornley

I'm not sure if Thornley is a fan of Stephen Colbert or not, but when he introduced the band, he pulled a classic Stephen Colbert move. He first introduced two of the members (Eric Paul on drums, formerly of Big Sugar, and Patrick Benti on guitar, who has been guitar tech for Thornley all the way back to the Big Wreck days) and then after saying "and lastly" he jokingly introduced himself, "Me!", garnering a few chuckles and applause before actually introducing the bass player, Ken Tizzard (of The Watchmen). Hmm... when I write it, it sounds a little cocky, but it wasn't, and least not beyond the intended level of humour. Anyway, it seems that I'm not the only one that left a Thornley concert liking it more than they expected... a day after the show, a few friends on Facebook revealed they had similar experiences. Good stuff.

Thornley  Thornley  Thornley

Info: Thornley | Connect: MySpace, Facebook

The Ending

Opening the night was The Ending who said their debut self-titled album will be released early next year, and that their the debut single, Follow, will be getting some airplay soon. After watching them perform, I had a great time using Google to search for old photos Sergio Galli from the Platinum Blonde days. Ohhh, the hair!

The Ending  The Ending

The Ending  The Ending  The Ending

Info: The Ending | Connect: MySpace


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Concert Review: Thornley
Authored by: Anonymous on 12-Dec-2008 09:17 am
I see The Ending has a new bass player. I've been waiting for their album to come out since around September 2007 when I shot their first shows . I have an original demo copy of their CD, then they re-recorded a few songs, from what I've heard. It's a pretty good album, so I hope they didn't tinker with it too much.
Concert Review: Thornley
Authored by: Anonymous on 12-Dec-2008 07:12 pm
I should add it wasn't a cocky move on the introductions it was a joke on Ken because he's a really well known guy and former member
Concert Review: Thornley
Authored by: Anonymous on 13-Dec-2008 11:10 am
Yeah. One guitar per song is a bit overwhelming. =]
BUt there are some musucians who like this kind of things.

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