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Thornley, Inward Eye @ Phoenix, Toronto (Photos and Review)

12-Apr-2009 04:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Inward Eye
Phoenix in Toronto, Ontario on April 9, 2009
Full Photo Set (19 photos)

Last December, I got out to The Horseshoe to see Thornley and was a little surprised with how much of a good time I had there. That concert was just a few days ahead of the release of his new single Make Believe to radio, and two months prior to the release of his second solo album Tiny Pictures.


When I tell people that I went to see Thornley, I get a variety of reactions, but one common thread is that people generally respect Ian Thornley (vocals, guitar) mostly due to his days spent with Big Wreck. I have Big Wreck's first album In Loving Memory Of... and pretty much overplayed it in the late 90's. Part of the reason I've enjoyed these Thornley shows is because he is wise enough to include more than a few songs from that album in the set list. But it turns out I know much more of his solo music than I realized, mostly though the extensive radio play it has received. Although I preferred the more intimate setting of The Horseshoe and being up at the stage and rocking out with the front-row fans there, the show at the Phoenix was similar in nature, but even bigger and louder. The new material isn't much of a variation from his past material, but that means the set list flows from older to newer material effortlessly and fits together well. And there's something to be said for being able to create hits over 12 years with some amount of consistency. And so once again, I got a kick out of the sensation created by a powerful night of hard rock.

Thornley  Thornley  Thornley

Thornley  Thornley  Thornley

Thornley  Thornley  Thornley

Thornley  Thornley

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Media: All Fall Down (mp3)

Inward Eye

Dear everyone, Inward Eye is an awesome live band made up of three incredible performers. If you go to concerts (ever), not seeing these these three brothers perform would be a nasty mistake. I've seen them three times in past two months, and each time I've found something new about their show that just blows me away. The first time it was watching Kyle (guitars, vocals) and his wild jumps and Townsend-inspired stage antics without missing a note. The next time it was becoming aware of the sheer volume of liquid Dave (vocals, bass) sweats out through the course of a 45 minute set; I can't even imagine the quantity of drinks that guy must have to consume to stay hydrated. And this last time, it was focusing on Anders (drums) who beat his drum kit into consensual submission. He is an incredible force. They recently released a four song EP, which is a good representation of their show, but unlike their show, it just doesn't have enough material to be fully satisfying. I need more, both recorded and on stage. Love, Pete.

Inward Eye  Inward Eye  Inward Eye

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Media: Shame (mp3, video)


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