Top 10 Concerts of 2009

07-Jan-2010 01:15 am

Contributed by: pete

I still have two more lists about 2009 coming up, but now it's time for my top ten favourite shows from last year. I like to write this article early in January after the holiday break away from the shows so that I have time to go back and relive the past year through my blog entries. After looking through my photos from last year, I estimate that I photographed about 160 different bands, which is down about 30 from last year. However, out of those 160, I photographed a handful of them many times over. It was difficult to see a few great shows get pushed off the bottom of my list, but that's just the reality of making a top 10 list. Here they are, the 10 that floated to the top, but thanks to all the bands that I saw perform this year - you are a big contributor to my mental well-being.

 1 The Decemberists The Decemberists
August 3

 2 Hey Rosetta! Hey Rosetta!
Lee's Palace
April 24

 3 Weezer Weezer
Air Canada Centre
December 5

 4 Arkells Arkells
March 15

 5 MuteMath MuteMath
Molson Amphitheatre
August 30

Rogers Centre
January 9

 7 Amos The Transparent Amos The Transparent
The Horseshoe
May 22

 8 The Presidents Of The United States Of America The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Lee's Palace
April 21

 9 Ben Kweller Ben Kweller
The MOD Club
February 22

10 Library Voices Library Voices
Horseshoe Tavern
July 21

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