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We Are The Take, Jets Overhead @ Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto (Photos and Review)

23-Sep-2009 07:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Jets Overhead
We Are The Take, Jets Overhead
Great Diviners
Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario on September 17, 2009
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I've been running into members of We Are The Take every now and then, like I did back on the Thursday night of NXNE '09. These chance meetings have been small reminders that it has been too long since I've seen them perform, especially given how much I like their stuff. So I was already planning on being at the Horseshoe Tavern for We Are The Take on September 17th, but then when I found out Jets Overhead were were on the same bill, it just doubled the must-see-ness of the night. Despite the fact that U2 was playing just down the street (at a little known venue called the Rogers Centre), the Horseshoe Tavern still managed to fill in nicely for the night.

We Are The Take

I am so glad I got out to see We Are The Take again. The progress they are making is incredible. After Jets Overhead left the stage, I stepped back to chat with a friend (who runs I had my back to the stage and as I heard the band doing a quick sound check, I glanced over and noticed that entire floor area in front of the stage was packed. As a result, I had some trouble moving in to get photos, but that's a small inconvenience for getting to see the fans go crazy for them. They played all my existing favorites such as Dreams and Montreal Love Song, but they also had a bunch of new material that I hadn't heard before, and a few of thosee songs (I'll have to find out the names for you) were incredible. Really, really strong. Plus the way these guys are playing now is amazing – more energy, lots of interaction, and bigger, fuller sounds. They now have a show that will translate well to larger venues. There's clearly momentum here, and I think I'll have to be more vigilent about keeping up to date with We Are The Take.

We Are The Take  We Are The Take

We Are The Take  We Are The Take  We Are The Take

Info: We Are The Take | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Media: Dreams (mp3)

Jets Overhead

Jets Overhead were in Toronto back in June and for that show they played eight songs, all from their new album No Nations. At the time, I wasn't familiar with the new music, but a couple of the songs sounded good on first listen. Also, I was told it was also only the 7th or 8th show they played that material. For this show, two things had changed: First, I've been listening to the new album here and there over the past few months, with a few of the songs repeatedly; second, the band has been been out performing the material more regularly since then. So not only had I internalized the music, the band performed it with more motion and feeling, adding significantly to the visual aspect of the show. The thirteen song set list included all ten songs from the new album, plus they opened and closed with songs from their 2003 self-titled EP, and snuck in one song (Seems So Far) from their 2005 album Bridges. Adam Kittredge (vocals, guitar) put lots of spirit into his playing, adding additional power to the songs over their recorded format, while Antonia Freybe-Smith (vocals, keyboard) added beautiful vocal depth to nearly all of the songs. This set reminded why I like this Victoria, BC band so much.

Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead

Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead

Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead

Info: Jets Overhead | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Media: No Nations (mp3), This Way (mp3), Seems So Far (video)

Great Diviners

Opening the night was a fairly new collaboration between Brad Fillatre (vocals, guitar), also of The Evelyn Room, and Bianca Oran (guitar, vocals). They played alt-folk that made me feel like I was sitting in a field outside by a fire, under the stars, with friends and beer. With the nice male/female vocals, it was a good warm-up for the night.

Great Diviners  Great Diviners

Great Diviners  Great Diviners  Great Diviners

Info: Great Diviners | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter


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