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Zeus, The Golden Dogs @ The Dakota Tavern (Photos and Review)

16-Feb-2009 03:30 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Zeus, The Golden Dogs
The Bahamas
The Dakota Tavern in Toronto, Ontario on February 11, 2009
Full Photo Set (24 photos)

For the month of February, The Dakota Tavern is the host to a Wednesday night residency of The Golden Dogs and their friends Zeus. I got out for the second show, which means you still have two more chances to get out and see why it is worth staying up late on a mid-week night.


The only thing I really knew about Zeus before going to the show on Wednesday is that Neil Quin, who used to play for The Golden Dogs, was part of the band. What I didn't realize is that the band also included Carlin Nicholson from The 6ixty 8ights and Mike O'Brien who is part of Jason Collett's backing band. They played through a set that exposed an extremely wide gamut of influences, from music of the late 50's (like Chuck Berry), into the Beatles, some surf-rock, and they closed with a surprisingly heavy full-on rock number that reminded me of Deep Purple. Although one song they played sounded not-quite-ready-for-prime-time, there were some great moments contained among the others. Expect to hear more about this band... not because I enjoyed their set, but mostly because the audience included a significant number of people from the Arts & Crafts label. Hint hint.

Zeus  Zeus

Zeus  Zeus  Zeus

Zeus  Zeus

Info & Connect: Zeus on MySpace
Media: Something Awesome (zip), I Know (zip)

The Golden Dogs

As I've said before, I really enjoying seeing musicians come out to support other musicians. Since music is such a large portion of their life, I think they do it just because it is what they do, but it also seems makes a big difference in growing the local music scene. So it was good to see a few familiar faces out enjoying the night, including Carleigh Aikins from Fox Jaws, Danielle Duval, and even Leslie Feist. For this set of shows at The Dakota Tavern, it looks like The Golden Dogs are going to be playing through lots of new material. Although it can sometimes be difficult to get into songs the very first first time you hear them, there were at least two new songs that gave me that feeling you get when you hear new music that you really like. No disrespect to their previously recorded material (because I love many of those songs), but the new material sounded like they've made some great strides forward. And knowing the way Dave Azzolini (vocals, guitar) and Jessica Grassia (keyboards, vocals) can perform, I believe the songs have strong potential to grow from good rock songs into the components of an awesome live show. Dave says they've been recording the new material for a while now... I can't remember if he mentioned a potential release date, but I'm guessing they'll announce the new album in spring sometime with a release scheduled for late summer or fall.

The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs

The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs

The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs

They are playing at The Dakota Tavern again February 18th and 25th, and on March 14th at The Horseshoe (during CMW). Having seen them at a past CMW showcase, I highly recommend being at The Horseshoe.

Info: The Golden Dogs | Connect: MySpace
Media: Never Meant Any Harm (mp3, video)

The Bahamas

I wish I could find more information on the two-piece band that opened the night, called The Bahamas, but so far I've only been able to find cheap airfare to warm sandy destinations, which is just a little distracting for this Canadian. Either way, The Bahamas provided some blues-inspired rock with smooth, slick guitar and subdued vocals that were an excellent accompaniment to my first beer of the evening.

The Bahamas  The Bahamas  The Bahamas


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Zeus, The Golden Dogs @ The Dakota Tavern (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 16-Feb-2009 09:40 pm
Amazing lighting in these photos... the colours look great!