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Vib Gyor - Demo EP

08-Mar-2006 08:04 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Vib Gyor - Demo EP
5 Track CD
© 2006 Vib Gyor
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Vib Gyor is a Leeds-based band formed in 2004 who have yet to release a full-length CD, which I guess is the reason they sent me a five track demo EP on CD-R. The tracks on the demo EP are Fallen, Church Bell, How Long Have I Lost, Permanent Disguise, and Momentum. Dave Fendick (vocals, acoustic guitar) tells me that all five tracks were recorded and mixed on the home computer of Zane Keenan (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals). I wasn't entirely enthusiastic about reviewing material that is only in demo form, but if these five demo tracks represent what Vib Gyor can do on a home computer, then fans of early Radiohead and Coldplay are in for a huge treat when Vib Gyor releases their professionally recorded and mixed CD single that is due out in April.

Fallen is the EP opener and I'm told it's going to appear on the upcoming CD. The demo version of this song is filled with echoing guitars, smooth clean vocals, skilled drumming, and a crunchy guitar finish that all comes together in a way that will appeal to a large cross-section of the rock/alternative market. It will be interesting to hear how they improve on the demo for the studio version. Church Bell is similar, but not quite as catchy. How Long Have I Lost sounds a bit too much like an emotional anthem for me, but I still appreciate the way it starts out quietly and builds to a big finale. And Momentum is a soothing track that bears resemblance to some songs by Sigor Ros and makes a good last track to the EP, as I'm sure it will one day do for a full length CD.

But the best track on the demo EP is Permanent Disguise; the key, structure, and changes remind me heavily of early Radiohead. It's a powerful song, but it highlights one of the issues that Vib Gyor may face: being endlessly compared to the two aforementioned big name bands. It's not like it's a bad thing to be compared to both Radiohead and Coldplay, but Coldplay may be a little over-exposed recently, and this could work against Vib Gyor if listeners think the similarity is too strong. But I suspect it wouldn't take much tweaking to give their original music a more uniquely identifiable sound, which is something I expect them to do in the studio and certainly something that will happen with more experience together.

The Demo EP definitely left me wanting more and Dave tells me there is plenty of material for them to release. In the short time Vib Gyor has been together, they have been quite prolific - creating a catalogue of over 25 songs. Last month they were in Parr Street Studios (Liverpool) recording the two tracks for the CD single, but I honestly can't wait until they've had the time and resources to put effort into recording and mixing a full length CD. (And I look forward to writing another review at that time.) I listened to the Demo EP five times over during the past week to make sure I wasn't being too generous with my Enema rating, and I'm convinced I'm being fair. Not all of their demo songs online are as good as the five sent to me, but if you want to hear what's out there, some are available for download on MySpace and they have quite a few 30 second samples on


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