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People In Planes

04-Jul-2006 10:10 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
People In Planes [Peter Roberts - People In Planes]
June 29, 2006
Koolhaus in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema
Enema Rating: (7/10)
People In Planes is a 5-piece band that hails from Cardiff, Wales, which was a surprise to me given their overall sound. Amidst a North American tour with Blue October, they ventured to Toronto last Thursday to perform a 45 minute set in support of Pilot Speed (a.k.a. Pilate). Although the Koolhaus still hadn't filled up by the time People In Planes hit the stage, there were definitely some PiP fans present, proven by the "We love you Peter" screams I heard coming from the front row of the audience. The set opened with a heavy amount of guitar-squealing to start For Miles Around (Scratch to Void) that gave a hint as to what was to come: A set that included many interesting sounds as they worked their way though most of the tracks off their 12 song debut album As Far As The Eye Can See.

[Peter Roberts is just warming up]
Peter Roberts is just warming up
[Gareth Jones holds a strong note]
Gareth Jones holds a strong note
[Kris Blight on bass]
Kris Blight on bass

The acoustics of the Koolhaus are not the best this city has to offer, but the size and location of the venue makes it a popular location for alternative music. Because of the unavoidable echo-distortion that is omnipresent in the Koolhaus, it is always better to know the songs beforehand rather than listen to bands for the first time there. Fortunately, I had purchased and listened to As Far As The Eye Can See many weeks before (see Pete's Pick for May 27) and had listened to it multiple times due to a few songs that kept me coming back. Their music sounds influenced by bands like Supergrass but definitely contains a harder rock sound with some similarities to Southern California early-90's bands like Incubus, especially when played live.

[Peter showing his guitar some love]
Peter showing his guitar some love
[Gareth during a soft moment]
Gareth during a soft moment
[Kris' hair]
Kris' hair

After a four strong songs, including a great rendition of Rush that got the crowd going, the band played If You Talk To Much (My Head Will Explode), the track that is currently getting local radio play and contains lyrics that I think we can all relate to (I know I can). Their stage presence during the performance was personable, with moments of both power and ease. They started out at near full-speed, but by their final song, Narcoleptic, the band has loosened up a little and Roberts was pulling stunts like soloing with the guitar behind his head.

The band played a strong set in support of a really good album that kept their already existing fans happy and grabbed the attention of a good portion of the attendees that came to see Pilot Speed. Check out the People in Planes website for upcoming shows.


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