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F-U Awards @ Sound Academy (Photos and Review)

09-Feb-2009 01:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Andrew W.K.
F-U Awards
Andrew W.K., Die Mannequin, The Flatliners, The Artist Life
Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario on February 5, 2009
Full Photo Set (20 photos)

What does the "F-U" in the F-U Awards stand for? Strangely, that's not something that is clearly defined on their website. Perhaps it stands for "Forensic Unit"? Or maybe it is somehow related to "Franklin University" in Ohio? But the awards show was put on by Punk-o-rama, Underground Operations, and Monster Energy Drinks, so that can't be right. Oh. Ooooh. I see now... clearly, it stands for "Frequently Underestimated", and nothing else. The party was hosted by Jason Mewes (from Jay and Silent Bob) with co-hosts Barry Taylor and J.D. from 102.1 The Edge. It was a night of loud music, skateboarding demonstrations, and awards.

Before I even arrived, The Expos and Kingdom had already performed. Following them were performances by The Artist Life, Die Mannequin, The Flatliners, and Andrew W.K., with awards handed out in between sets.

Winners were:
  • The Flatliners - The Henry Rollins Get In The Van Award (Hardest Working Band of '08)
  • Creepshow - Monster Energy Band Of The Year (Most Outstanding Live Band of '08)
  • Little Millionaires - The Young Jedi Award (Best New Band of '08)
  • Hail Destroyer by Cancer Bats - Song Of The Year (Best FU Song of '08)
Oh, and Tim Millar of Protest The Hero won The Lanny McDonald Award (Best Facial Hair) by default.

Andrew W.K.

With Andrew W.K. scheduled to headline the show, I had to wonder why I didn't know who he was. I hunted down his website and listened to a few songs and looked at a few photos, but it still didn't ring any bells. My answer came in the form of his set, which was outright bizarre. It started with an Andrew W.K. look-alike contest that a huge number of "contestants", some of which were dressed up like Andrew W.K. himself, and others that looked nothing like him. Turns out, they all stay on stage with him while he performs. His keyboard blasts out a lot of the music unattended while Andrew W.K. sings songs such as It's Time To Party or Party Hard or maybe even Party Til You Puke, all while jumping around with his look-alikes. It got me thinking... maybe a more appropriate name would have been Andrew W.T.F. It would be hard to deny that what he does is unique, which is probably why he has such dedicated fans.

Andrew W.K.  Andrew W.K.  Andrew W.K.

Info: Andrew W.K. | Connect: MySpace
Media: Party (You Shout) (mp3)

Die Mannequin

The members of Die Mannequin have been down in L.A. for the past while recording new material for their upcoming full-length album, but came back to Toronto for this show. They're doing as great as ever, and I always get a kick out of watching the antics of Care Failure (vocals, guitar). We didn't get to see Care riding on the shoulders of Anthony Bleed (bass) like they did the first time I saw them perform during NXNE 2007, but there were still some great moments filled with high energy. And it all sounded great, just like every other time.

Die Mannequin  Die Mannequin  Die Mannequin

Die Mannequin  Die Mannequin

Info: Die Mannequin | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Autumn Cannibalist (mp3), Do It Or Die (video)

The Flatliners

This was the second time I had seen The Flatliners perform with Die Mannequin, the first time being during Sausage Fest. It's a good combination... something about the way the music flows from one set into the next. It's always great watching The Flatliners pump out their hits Eulogy and This Respirator, both of which are wicked when played live. Chris Cresswell (vocals, guitar) often appears to be on the verge of causing himself an aneurysm, making it difficult to grab photos of him where his face isn't completely distorted.

The Flatliners  The Flatliners  The Flatliners

Info: The Flatliners | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Eulogy (mp3, video)

The Artist Life

The Artist Life probably get sick of being compared to Sum 41, so I won't make that comparison. Oh well, I guess I just did, but I think some of that just comes from some of the visual similarities (see The Artist Life vs. Sum 41). Solid set.

The Artist Life  The Artist Life  The Artist Life

Info: The Artist Life | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


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