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Magneta Lane @ The Horseshoe (Photos)

25-Jan-2009 12:30 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Magneta Lane Magneta Lane
Magneta Lane
The Wilderness
The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario on January 22, 2009
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I'm not exactly sure when Magneta Lane last performed in Toronto, I think it has been many months, but they did play a gig for Microsoft in Seattle in December. They have a new album entitled Gambling With God that should be released in the near future by their new label Last Gang Records, a follow-up album to 2006's Dancing With Daggers (which was on Paper Bag Records).

Magneta Lane

Magneta Lane is a three-piece band that is Lexi Valentine (vocals, guitar), French (bass), and Nadia King (drums). If you're not familiar with Magneta Lane but you recognize Lexi, perhaps it is because she is featured on the song Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Heart of the Neverending White Lights' album Act II: The Blood And The Life Eternal. I haven't seen a release date mentioned for the new album, but I'm assuming that along with the new release will be a tour announcement. In the meantime, I hear they are heading over to Spain to play another show for Microsoft, and will also be in Austin for SXSW this year.

Magneta Lane  Magneta Lane  Magneta Lane

Magneta Lane  Magneta Lane  Magneta Lane

Info: Magneta Lane | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Broken Plates (video), Wild Gardens (video)

The Wilderness

The Wilderness  The Wilderness

Info: The Wilderness | Connect: MySpace


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