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Vacuity / Come On Get Real

13-Jul-2006 12:47 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Vacuity - Come On Get Real
6 Track CD
Copyright 2006 Vacuity
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I have no idea what I was expecting when I finally got around to listening to Vacuity's new EP, Come On Get Real, but it wasn't this. Perhaps the relatively simple and plain cover art set my expectations low. Or maybe I was just having a bad day. The point is that I dropped the songs from this EP onto the end of my playlist and then started into some work. About fifteen minutes later, when iTunes was 45 seconds into playing the first track, Backstabber, I found my train of thought interrupted by some great music. I had completely forgotten I had added these songs to my playlist (that happens at 2AM) and needed to go back to iTunes to find out what was playing. Vacuity. Right! So I stopped what I was doing and listened. Good song, and the EP just got better from there.

But I needed to know: Did I like Come On Get Real just because it exceeded my unintentionally low expectations? So I decided to test it by taking the CD up North to a friend's cottage over the Canada Day weekend. That Saturday mid-afternoon, after a few cool beverages and with one friend present, I dropped the CD in and played it. We talked over a few songs, but the music was easily accepted. And then another friend entered the room, talked a bit, and then asked the tell-tale question, "Hey, who is this"? There was some brief discussion about Radiohead influences, but by the third track Today Is the Day, it seemed clear to me that Muse may have been a stronger influence. Or maybe even the Toronto band, Pilate. Or, or... someone else?

By my fourth listen of this EP, I was hooked on a few tracks including Strings and We Didn't Choose. Yes, I said the fourth listen, which in itself is an indicator of what I think of this CD. And I'm on my fifth listen as I write this. I like this music. No, it's not the perfect album, but Vacuity is on a good path. Three friends agree.

My first complaint is that the recording quality isn't ideal - something that was easy to ignore because it really isn't all that bad either, it's just something that could be improved on. And my other complaint is that the album just isn't long enough; a full length album would've been really satisfying. Vacuity, get on that would you? I want more.


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