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CMW: Friday

12-Mar-2007 09:07 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Stars Of Track And Field Apostle Of Hustle
Toronto, Ontario CMW: Friday March 9, 2007
Photos and Review by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (8 photos)

There was so much to see Friday night, but I only managed to photograph two bands. I like to think I covered quality not quantity, but in truth there was probably heaps of quality in mass quantities all over Toronto. For example, Saigon Hookers were playing at the Hard Rock. And The Horseshoe had a great line-up including You Say Party! We Say Die! and Cadence Weapon, among others. And I won't even mention that I missed The Besnard Lakes and We Are Wolves at Lee's Palace, or The Miniatures at The Mod Club. But I did manage to get out and photograph a band I really like called Stars Of Track And Field, and then made my way over to see Apostle Of Hustle.

9:30 PM - Stars Of Track And Field @ Revival

Bathed in almost complete blackness, the Stars Of Track And Field played at Revival, a polished venue located in the heart of Little Italy. With the only lighting being very focused beams coming right from the stage, the light show was more about mood than about brightness, which is not an entirely atypical lighting strategy for bands in this genre. You see, this 3 person band isn't your typical three-piece; instead of the standard guitar/bass/drums they've got guitar/guitar/drums with all bass being produced digitally.

Stars Of Track And Field
Stars Of Track And Field
Stars Of Track And Field

The digital programming mixed with their guitar-based compositions produce a unique cross between electronic and alternative rock with vocal harmonies, a bit like a cross between Midlake and Blue October. There's quite a few great tracks on their new album entitled Centuries Before Love And War that is due to be released on April 24th, and their 40 minute performance included many of these. Wind-Up Records informs me they'll be back in Toronto on March 27th to play the El Mocambo, so if you're drawn to this kind of music, I highly recommend getting out to see this band. I enjoyed this first performance enough that you may just see me there taking in a little more Stars Of Track And Field.

Info: Stars Of Track And Field | Connect: MySpace

12:00 AM - Apostle Of Hustle @ El Mocambo

By the time I made my way over to the El Mocambo (after a short stop at Flight 55) it was packed to capacity and they were turning away everyone, including media. But I was keen to see Apostle Of Hustle, partly due to the connection to the Broken Social Scene collective, but mostly because Andrew Whiteman is an excellent guitarist and I liked the few songs that I've heard, even before I knew about the connection. So I lurked patiently near the doors and as the crowd ebbed and flowed through the entrance, eventually there was room for me to squeeze in (thanks). And with the help of friendly fans, I was able to get near the stage (thanks again) to photograph.

Apostle Of Hustle
Apostle Of Hustle
Apostle Of Hustle

Andrew is a little quirky when playing guitar, which really just makes the show all that more captivating. Having just released a new album on March 6th, a day before CMW started, I was surprised they only played three tracks off it - especially since the album has been receiving very positive reviews. The title track, National Anthem Of Nowhere, was played 4th in the set and was one of highlights for me with its affinity to some of Broken Social Scene's sound, built on a foundation of rhythm and layered with catchy guitar and vocals. The other highlight was Haul Away, for which they put a drum on one side of Andrew and a tall wooden box on the other, right up at the front of the stage. These were played by two backing band members and provided deep beats and visual entertainment. The set was worth the wait, and was the perfect evening closer for me.

Info: Apostle Of Hustle | Connect: MySpace


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