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XM Holiday Party with Moneen, Arkells, and Hollerado

15-Dec-2008 12:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
XM Holiday Party
Moneen, Arkells, Hollerado
Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto, Ontario on December 10, 2008
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The Verge is a station on XM Satellite Radio that focuses on Canadian emerging artists, and is quickly becoming the reason I'm might be interested in owning a satellite radio (provided the thing is portable). They've been running cool events at the Tattoo Rock Parlour, like The Verge Music Awards back in September, and this month they packed the house with a free holiday party that included a headlining performance by Moneen, and two amazing opening spots by the Arkells and Hollerado.


During the course of the evening, it became obvious that the majority of the crowd near the stage was there for Moneen. And in the time between Arkells and Moneen, the tension started to grow. People pushed forward, squeezing into stage-edge positions in preparation for Kenny Bridges (vocals, guitar) and the rest on Moneen to start up. The one and only other time I saw Moneen, they were billed only as Special Guests to open for the Attack In Black CD release party, and so the vibe was a little bit different. For the XM Holiday Party, the crowd was wild, unlike I've seen at the Tattoo before.

Moneen  Moneen  Moneen

When the band took the stage, the crowd started screaming and moshing... not an uncommon reaction, but at the Tattoo that night, the monitor speakers were sitting on tables out front of the stage, so it wasn't really a great stage to mosh up against. Security moved in to prevent damage and injuries, and at one point grabbed a guy by the neck, presumably to get him to stop whatever he was doing. But this caught the eye of Kenny who abruptly stopped the song and berated them for the rough handling, stating "You don't grab a kid by the neck" repeatedly. Once the situation cleared, he said they weren't just going to let the song they were playing fade away and that they were going to finish it, which they did, even though there couldn't have been more than two bars left. It was a good set, but for some reason I liked the performance I saw at The Horseshoe better.

Moneen  Moneen  Moneen

Info: Moneen | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Start Angry, End Mad (video)


For me, the Arkells were the main reason I was there that night, and judging by the group of fans rocking out and singing along with the lyrics, I obviously wasn't the only one. This was my sixth time seeing Arkells this year, but I haven't yet grown tired of their performances... quite the opposite, actually. The more I see them, the more I listen to their music, and the more I enjoy seeing them the next time. Although Oh The Boss I Coming! is still my favourite set closer, it's the song John Lennon that sticks with me the longest. Arkells are playing The Horseshoe this coming Tuesday (December 16th) along with We Are The Take and Songs From A Room, and it's a free show so if you've haven't seen them yet, Tuesday is the night.

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Arkells  Arkells

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Info & Connect: Arkells on MySpace, Facebook
Media: Oh The Boss Is Coming! (video)


Hilariously, Hollerado sells their latest EP packaged in clear baggies. They call it Demo In A Bag, and the one I have is even numbered (74 of 500). The CD has eight regular tracks and one hidden track, and Menno Versteeg (vocals, guitar) tells me that the hidden track is different depending on what colour CD you ended up with. I got mine directly from Menno who was out in the audience after the show selling Demo In A Bag out of his coat. The CD is imprinted with the following: to pay more than five bucks for this cd is to be ripped off. Hmm. They put on a really fun and energetic show, with a late 90's sound to their music along with some semi-sarcastic, or otherwise bizarre, lyrics (perhaps a bit like Nerf Herder?). The standout song for me was Americanarama, which also sounds great on the CD. Hopefully I'll run into these guys again in 2009. Oh, spend the time to watch the video for Americanarama (link below). Even if you don't watch the whole thing, the introduction is by Dave Foley dressed up as Dov Charney from American Apparel, and is really funny.

Hollerado  Hollerado  Hollerado

Hollerado  Hollerado  Hollerado

Info: Hollerado | Connect: MySpace
Media: Americanarama (mp3, video)


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XM Holiday Party with Moneereat post!
Authored by: Anonymous on 17-Dec-2008 07:19 pm
HOllerado doesn't make too much my type
But Moneen is into my good ones.
Great post, as always.

planejamento estratégico
XM Holiday Party with Moneen, Arkells, and Hollerado
Authored by: Anonymous on 31-Dec-2008 10:29 am
Security also broke my friend's nose during Moneen's set that night. They clearly did not know how to control a crowd.
XM Holiday Party with Moneen, Arkells, and Hollerado
Authored by: Anonymous on 16-Jan-2009 07:02 am
That 'Canadian Rock' in the shape of a pick in the background was a very good idea.

John Mitrey,
climatizador ar
XM Holiday Party with Moneen, Arkells, and Hollerado
Authored by: Anonymous on 23-Jan-2009 03:05 pm

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XM Holiday Party with Moneen, Arkells, and Hollerado
Authored by: Anonymous on 08-Feb-2009 06:35 pm
Freakin awesome photos man! What type of camera and who is your photographer? Loving your music guys. Are you guys on facebook and myspace? If you are could i suggest that you guys make a post of your facebook and myspace accounts.
Rock On,
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