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Best Of 2007
Authored by: Anonymous on 16-Jan-2008 01:22 am
Hey pete. No link, but here are my 2cents for best of 2007. A little different, but some common threads as always:

10. Justice - Cross

9. Apostle of Hustle - The National Anthem of Nowhere (A little inconsistent, but the good songs are really damn good)

8. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero (For some reason I was way too into the viral marketing campaign surrounding this. Loved the album for a stretch, but then just seemed to forget about it for some reason)

7. Panda Bear - Pearson Pitch

6. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver (Has perhaps the two best singles of 2007?)

5. Radiohead - In Rainbows (Must admit, I never thought a Radiohead album would be in my top 10 again)

4. Young Galaxy - Young Galaxy (Agree that this is a damn fine album - still have not had a chance to see them live)

3. Against Me! - New Wave (I was a little late to the party but damn, this is pretty much a pop masterpiece. I tend to get the same feeling listening to this as I did with some of those albums in the grunge heyday. You've done it again you rascally Vig, you.)

2. Beirut - The Flying Club Cup (I defy you to not love it)

1. Deerhunter - Cryptograms / Florescent Grey EP (Three acts in two parts and still absolutely incredible and compelling every listen. To give some context to my obsession, Winamp says I listened to each of these songs between 27 and 114 times and that is just on my home PC)