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John Tucker Must Die

28-Jul-2006 03:21 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
The soundtrack to the movie John Tucker Must Die was released by Wind-Up Records 10 days ago on July 18th, but the actual movie opens in theatres today. Among others, the soundtrack contains tracks by People In Planes, Rock Kills Kid, OK Go, The All-American Rejects, Nada Surf, and Ben Lee covering Modest Mouse's Float On. I have no idea how good the movie will be, but whoever compiled the soundtrack deserves some kudos.

Buy John Tucker Must Die at

Cracker / The Mod Club - July 20, 2006

24-Jul-2006 11:45 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Cracker with The Golden Dogs
July 20, 2006
The Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema

Full photo sets: Cracker, The Golden Dogs
David Lowrey may not be as fully recognized for his contribution to Alternative Rock as some of his peers from the late 80's and early 90's, but his cynical and humorous lyrics in combination with the truly independent music style of Camper Van Beethoven surely influenced a number of forming bands during that time. CVB's unique style of punk-country-folk-rock produced some odd results - a well known example is Take The Skinheads Bowling. After CVB disbanded in early 1990, David Lowrey went on to found Cracker along with guitarist Johnny Hickman and bassist Davey Faragher. Cracker created more straight ahead rock with songs that reached a wider audience such as Low and I Hate My Generation, but still managed to keep the irreverent lyrics. For example: "...the movie star, well she crashed her car, but everyone said she was beautiful even without her head" from the 1993 album Kerosene Hat, and "You are so beautiful, you should be guarded by monkeys" from the 2002 release Forever. And after so many years, not only was Cracker coming to Toronto, but I was scheduled to finally see them live. read more (821 words)

Pete's Pick: Superchunk

13-Jul-2006 08:50 pm Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Superchunk's eighth full-length album from 2001 has such a great title: Here's To Shutting Up. I'm sure some of you were wishing I'd take that advice myself. It's okay to wish. So, anyway, I like the third track Phone Sex the best, but the whole album is fun Alternative Pop.

Vacuity / Come On Get Real

13-Jul-2006 12:47 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Vacuity - Come On Get Real
6 Track CD
Copyright © 2006 Vacuity
Listen Listen to Strings
Enema Rating:
I have no idea what I was expecting when I finally got around to listening to Vacuity's new EP, Come On Get Real, but it wasn't this. Perhaps the relatively simple and plain cover art set my expectations low. Or maybe I was just having a bad day. The point is that I dropped the songs from this EP onto the end of my playlist and then started into some work. About fifteen minutes later, when iTunes was 45 seconds into playing the first track, Backstabber, I found my train of thought interrupted by some great music. I had completely forgotten I had added these songs to my playlist (that happens at 2AM) and needed to go back to iTunes to find out what was playing. Vacuity. Right! So I stopped what I was doing and listened. Good song, and the EP just got better from there. read more (268 words)

Pilot Speed

07-Jul-2006 01:13 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Pilot Speed (a.k.a. Pilate) DGD_2006_C01948.jpg
June 29, 2006
Koolhaus in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema
Enema Rating:
Before the band even hit the stage, a young woman who had won a contest on 102.1 The Edge came out to perform the introduction using the band's new name: Pilot Speed. For people who have never heard of Pilate (pronounced "Pilot") this is probably uninteresting, but to the many local fans that helped this band become who they are today, it may have come as a surprise. The short story is that Pilate needed to change their name to avoid litigation in the U.S. The longer story can be read in the June 27th news entry on the Pilate website. But whether they are known as Pilate or Pilot Speed is irrelevant - either way they are band with a live show as strong as the bands that influenced them and a repertoire of songs that can turn a crowd of people into gushing, endorphin-filled fans. read more (533 words)

People In Planes

04-Jul-2006 10:10 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
People In Planes [Peter Roberts - People In Planes]
June 29, 2006
Koolhaus in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema
Enema Rating: (7/10)
People In Planes is a 5-piece band that hails from Cardiff, Wales, which was a surprise to me given their overall sound. Amidst a North American tour with Blue October, they ventured to Toronto last Thursday to perform a 45 minute set in support of Pilot Speed (a.k.a. Pilate). Although the Koolhaus still hadn't filled up by the time People In Planes hit the stage, there were definitely some PiP fans present, proven by the "We love you Peter" screams I heard coming from the front row of the audience. The set opened with a heavy amount of guitar-squealing to start For Miles Around (Scratch to Void) that gave a hint as to what was to come: A set that included many interesting sounds as they worked their way though most of the tracks off their 12 song debut album As Far As The Eye Can See. read more (298 words)

The Salads / The Big Picture

28-Jun-2006 12:03 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The Salads - The Big Picture
10 Track CD, Release Date: May 9, 2006
Label: Kindling Music
[Speaker] Listen to Circles [Speaker]
Enema Rating: (6/10)
The Salads third full length album, The Big Picture, can be described in one word: Big. We're talking big vocals, big guitar, big bass, and big drums. Really, seriously quite big. During the creation of this CD the band suffered through having all their equipment stolen, including the computer that stored their recordings. Although devastating, they say they were able to get back to where they were within good time because they focused on the big picture, and in doing so ended up naming the album. read more (326 words)

Vib Gyor to Release Debut Single

27-Jun-2006 12:12 am Contributed by: pete Music News
Vib Gyor (reviewed on March 8, 2006) will release their debut single Fallen on July 17th, 2006. Having heard an advance copy, I'm happy to report that it's exactly what I was hoping they would do in the studio. It adds originality, keeps the catchy melodies and swirling guitars, rounds out the sound, and tightens up the song. They've created something very radio ready and reported that they are getting some airplay in the U.S. already.

The Vib Gyor website appears to be getting an overhaul right now, hopefully to coincide with their release. Check back later to see their new site or, in the meantime, visit them on the Vib Gyor MySpace page for tour dates and other information.

The Plastic Constellations

21-Jun-2006 11:55 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The Plastic Constellations DGD_2006_C01521.jpg
June 20, 2006
Toronto, Ontario
The Horseshoe Tavern
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema
Despite the fact that the number of people present at The Horseshoe on Tuesday could barely be called an audience, The Plastic Constellations, a Minneapolis-based band that has been playing together for over 9 years, took the stage and played like they were performing for a crowd. They dealt with a heckler who was yelling incomprehensible commands and/or insults, thanked the solitary hip-hop male dancer, and used the stage time to impose some loud and energetic music onto the small group of people. Dressed in regular blue-jeans and t-shirts - they looked straight out of a basement - they plowed through a 35 minute set with short songs with irregular time signatures and off-beat vocals, showing some math rock influences mixed with a little hardcore. read more (272 words)

NXNE: Montreal Invades NXNE

20-Jun-2006 12:40 am Contributed by: Anonymous Concert Reviews
Montreal Invades NXNE
June 9, 2006
Toronto, Ontario
The Silver Dollar and The Comfort Zone
Review by: Chris Marley
Photos by: Chris Marley and Beth Hamill
Admittedly, my experience at NorthbyNortheast (NXNE), Toronto’s annual music festival, has been somewhat lukewarm. Most of the bands I've seen over the years have been competent, yet fairly generic and nondescript rock bands looking to impress just enough over a brief 40 minute set to win a golden ticket record contract. What keeps me coming back, however, is that hope and desire to discover the diamond in the rough – a raw, emerging, unknown talent that you stumble upon, through a haze of mediocrity, that throws you a sucker punch and becomes a new favorite. read more (822 words)