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Pete's Pick: Menomena

04-Apr-2006 01:21 am Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Menomena is a West coast experimental rock trio. For whatever reason, the song E. is Stable (off of the I Am The Fun Blame Monster!) sounds great when you're cycling along side of the beach on a sunny afternoon. You have to check out Menomena's website, it's hilarious.

Pete's Pick: Supergrass

25-Mar-2006 01:26 pm Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Road To Rouen is Supergrass' 5th full-length album, and the opening track Tales of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6) is a great start to this 9 track CD. You can hear the entire album, in fairly low quality, using the Road To Rouen Radio.

Pete's Pick: Audible

18-Mar-2006 12:57 am Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Audible is a band out of Phillidelphia that is putting in the time right now playing live shows in support of their Sky Signal album. The first listen through the CD was good, but their stuff really grew on me. My favorite track is When We Were Wrong. You can listen to some other samples on the official Audible website or on the Audible MySpace page.

NEW! Pete Nema On-Demand Streaming Radio

11-Mar-2006 05:08 pm Contributed by: doug Music News
Today I added an on-demand streaming radio so that you can listen to the music while you read the reviews. I've updated all the Listen links in the reviews to point to the new Pet Enema streaming server. Listen away!

Note: The bands that have submitted music directly to Pete Nema all seemed open to having one song available for streaming. The songs are streamed at medium quality (80 kbps) and are not for download - streaming only. If you discover your music is available here and you do not want it to be streamed contact me and I will remove it immediately.

Pete's Pick: Kings Of Leon

10-Mar-2006 07:18 pm Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Kings Of Leon are from Nashville and play a unique style of rock. Aha Shake Heartbreak has a few great tracks, including my favorite of theirs: Soft. You can see a bunch of videos and give a listen to Molly's Chambers on the Kings Of Leon website.

Vib Gyor - Demo EP

08-Mar-2006 08:04 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Vib Gyor - Demo EP
5 Track CD
© 2006 Vib Gyor
[Speaker] Listen to Permanent Disguise [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Vib Gyor is a Leeds-based band formed in 2004 who have yet to release a full-length CD, which I guess is the reason they sent me a five track demo EP on CD-R. The tracks on the demo EP are Fallen, Church Bell, How Long Have I Lost, Permanent Disguise, and Momentum. Dave Fendick (vocals, acoustic guitar) tells me that all five tracks were recorded and mixed on the home computer of Zane Keenan (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals). I wasn't entirely enthusiastic about reviewing material that is only in demo form, but if these five demo tracks represent what Vib Gyor can do on a home computer, then fans of early Radiohead and Coldplay are in for a huge treat when Vib Gyor releases their professionally recorded and mixed CD single that is due out in April. read more (453 words)

Pete's Pick: The American Analog Set

28-Feb-2006 08:46 am Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
The American Analog Set was formed in Austin, Texas. They released Set Free in late 2005. I discovered they were playing in Toronto the day after the concert, and then they announced they're not planning on touring anymore. Too bad for me. Best track off this album is Cool Kids Keep. You can listen to Immaculate Heart from the AmAnSet website.

The Royal We - The Royal We

23-Feb-2006 08:15 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The Royal We - The Royal We
10 Track CD
© 2005 Rakete
[Speaker] Listen to Space 1999 [Speaker]
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The Royal We are located in Germany, but rather than being influenced by stereotypical German bands like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, their sounds are more influenced by the music of Grandaddy and Sufjan Stevens, with some similarities to bands coming out of the U.K. In fact, if I hadn't been told they were located in Germany, I would've guessed incorrectly they were from the U.K., so I find some consolation in the fact that Dylan Kennedy (lead vocals, guitar) who formed the band was born and grew up near Reading, England. read more (641 words)

Pete's Pick: Grandaddy

20-Feb-2006 01:09 am Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Described as "solar-powered space-pop", Grandaddy was formed in California in 1992 and announced their breakup on Jan 27th, 2006. Too bad, but they were at it a long time so I guess it was time. Their latest full length CD is Sumday. I get a real kick out of their techo-business lyrics on I'm on Standby and The Group Who Couldn't Say, among others. Give a listen to Now It's On. You can also check out Florida which is available on the Grandaddy Website.

Pete's Pick: Earlimart

13-Feb-2006 01:26 am Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
I discovered Earlimart in September 2005, almost exactly a year after they released Treble & Tremble. I got hooked on Broke The Furniture and All They Ever Do Is Talk, and then (like heroin) I couldn't stop. This CD is definitely one of my top 5 favorite finds in 2005. Go listen to some of their music on the Earlimart MySpace page, then head over to the Earlimart website for some videos.