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Broken Nose - goodBye prudeNce

11-Feb-2006 12:27 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Broken Nose - goodBye prudeNce
8 Track CD
© 2005 Broken Nose
[Speaker] Listen to Part 1...When I Fall [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Two things you need to know about Broken Nose: 1 - This CD made into my hands through my friend at Music Insight, it wasn't submitted directly to Pet Enema; and, 2 - I really don't want to be reviewing a lot of heavy metal or hard-core music like this. But despite this, after listening to the better portion of 8 songs, I decided to give Broken Nose a short review. The first noticeable thing about this CD is the incredibly cool packaging - Broken Nose put their music in round metal film canister-style CD holders. It looks great. But, like they always say, it's what's inside that counts... read more (231 words)

Pete's Pick: Elbow

07-Feb-2006 09:43 pm Contributed by: pete Pete's Picks
Elbow has been topping Doug's weekly listening charts on recently. The title track Leaders Of The Free World is just amazing, and you can download it for free from the Elbow MySpace page. You can also listen to a bunch of samples on the official Elbow website (roll-over the little guys on the left to get to the music); I recommend Asleep In The Back.

The New Lows - THE FREE EP

06-Feb-2006 10:56 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The New Lows - THE FREE EP
6 Track CD
© 2005 the new lows
[Speaker] Listen to Weeknights [Speaker]
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The New Lows say it all started six years ago, and since then they have released 2 full length CDs. More recently, in late 2005, they decided to release a new EP aptly named THE FREE EP because the entire six song EP is available free from their website (in good quality 192kbps MP3s). They must be doing this in an attempt to get their music out to a larger audience, and it seems be working; The New Lows have over 36,000 friends listed on their MySpace page. Although the last two-thirds of the EP sounds more like a demo tape, there is definitely some real promise in the first two tracks. read more (297 words)

Used Alien Mind - Positive Mental Theme

01-Feb-2006 12:39 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Used Alien Mind - Positive Mental Theme
15 Track CD
© 2004 Zonked Records
[Speaker] Listen to Inside [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Much like NIN is Trent Reznor, Used Alien Mind is Mike Leporte. There is a comparison that can be made between the two, but I wouldn't want to mislead NIN fans into believing they will truly enjoy the music on this 15 track CD. Mike Leporte claims to have "a distaste for all that is mainstream", which is fortunate because it is highly unlikely he will accidentally end up a hypocrite. I should mention that I think Used Alien Mind is a great name, and I even like the CD cover art with its strange looking device. But when it comes to the 15 tracks on the CD, I find myself searching to provide constructive criticism, rather than just being cruel. I haven't completely succeeded. read more (713 words)

Qualone - Qualone

27-Jan-2006 01:01 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Qualone - Qualone
10 Track CD
© 2004 Big Green Buzzard Music/Lucid Haze Records
[Speaker] Listen to Midnight Sunday [Speaker]
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Qualone was formed in 2002, just about 30 years too late to really be on the cutting edge of hard rock. The first track Another Way starts out with the sounds of early Deep Purple and then moves quickly into Black Sabbath. When you hear the opening line "When you came passing by..." you'll swear you're listening to a lost track released by Ozzy himself. read more (327 words)

Broken Social Scene - Toronto Needs An Enema

23-Jan-2006 01:28 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
It's only appropriate that the first review I decided to write for this site was for the Broken Social Scene concert on Friday, January 20th at the Kool Haus on in Toronto. The reason is that about 3/4 into the concert, Kevin Drew shouted Toronto needs an enema! He didn't specify Pet Enema, but still, I took it as a sign.

After a quick two-beer warm up at C'est What, a group of friends and I headed down to the Kool Haus. Yes, I'm a fan of Broken Social Scene, but my iTunes contains the truth: my ratings vary between 1 and 5 stars. Some of their tracks can be pretty boring, but the songs that I like, I really like. So my expectations were not all that high... I was looking for night out listening to a local Toronto band play a few good songs. Sure, that happened, but I got more. They put on a great show, but the clincher was Leslie Feist. With her and the amazing set of musicians on stage, this was one of the best concerts I've seen in about 10 years. read more (828 words)

Pet Enema - Cleansing Indie Music Reviews

20-Jan-2006 12:59 am Contributed by: doug Music News
Welcome to Pet Enema! A website dedicated to finding and reviewing great new independent music. It's not actually a site about giving your pet an enema. Nope, this site's goal is to help you and your pet avoid the enema. The music corporation enema. read more (81 words)