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The Golden Dogs

28-May-2007 07:53 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
The Golden Dogs
Lee's Palace in Toronto, Ontario The Golden Dogs May 25, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (16 photos)

Just in case it hasn't become obvious, I'll say it: The Golden Dogs have become my current favourite Toronto-based live act. Friday night was the third time I've seen their show, the first time being in July 2006 and the second on the Saturday night of CMW 2007. As I've mentioned, they just have everything I'm looking for in a concert: Great music, tight compositions, passion, and connection between band members that just can't be faked. It's a show that produces adrenaline. In fact, after seeing their performance of the song 1984, one fan pushed his way to the front to pound on the stage and yell out is appreciation, then turned to the fans behind him and screamed "Now that's how you fucking rock out!" He is so right - it pretty much doesn't get any better than that. read more (181 words)

Year Of The Monkey

26-May-2007 09:09 am Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Year Of The Monkey
The Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario Year Of The Monkey
with Special Guests
May 23, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (28 photos)

Ron Lopata and John (JK) Kanakis are both Juno award winners and have worked with many Canadian artists, and after spending many years as session players and producers, they have now spent three years creating and organizing Year Of The Monkey 68, a project that brings together many of their favourite Canadian vocalists and lyricists. Organizing the recording is one thing, but pulling all these artists together for a single performance is something else entirely. Even with so many performers, the night was kept at a fast moving pace and was constantly interesting, with appearances from Kobe James, Andy Stochansky, Haydain Neale (Jacksoul), Tara Slone, Mike Eastick, Jully Black, Lindy, Joel Parisian, Simon Wilcox, Lindi Ortega, and Tomi Swick, all in addition to a full band that included Ron and John. read more (122 words)

Hotboxx Music Showcase

23-May-2007 07:55 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Eleven Minutes
Healey's Roadhouse in Toronto, Ontario Eleven Minutes
VASLAV, Blind Dog Circus
May 18, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (16 photos)

Last Friday, Healey's Roadhouse hosted a Hotboxxx Music Showcase with Eleven Minutes, VASLAV, and Blind Dog Circus, among other bands. It almost had the feel of a Tuesday night at The Horseshoe, with a slightly wider range of music styles. Despite the sound being a bit rough, the bands played some decent sets. read more (107 words)

The Robot Ate Me

16-Apr-2007 10:36 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
The Robot Ate Me The Robot Ate Me
Sneaky Dee's in Toronto, Ontario The Robot Ate Me
Run Chico Run, Oak Island
April 15, 2007
Photos and Review by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (11 photos)

Wow, that's not what I expected and I suppose it serves me right for having expectations. Maybe I'm naive, but I rarely go to a show expecting to see the musician play half of the set wearing a large furry rabbit head. Or is it just me? If there's one thing that can't be said about Ryland Bouchard, who tours under the name The Robot Ate Me, is that his performance is too mainstream. read more (252 words)


12-Apr-2007 10:49 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Calla Calla
The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario Calla April 11, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (9 photos)

Calla was my Pete's Pick back in September last year - I downloaded their 2005 CD, Collisions, off of on a whim. Their down-tempo brooding indie-rock has a touch of swagger, and I've been listening to two or three songs from that album repeatedly. Calla is on the tail end of a tour in promotion of their latest effort Strength In Numbers. The show was somber and thoughtful, and although The Horseshoe wasn't packed, the following that does exist in Toronto for this NY band appeared to be dedicated. read more (2 words)


03-Apr-2007 08:26 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario OK Go March 31 , 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (7 photos)

I discovered OK Go in mid-2005 and I've been listening to them endlessly since then. I've been told they put on a fun and crazy live show, but unfortunately, I was unable to get out and see them in Toronto until Saturday when they opened for Snow Patrol. Aside from winning guitar riffs and stage presence, they've got a few tricks, one that made the stadium light up in an incredible way. Their set was a good selection of their material, and it ended with some cool streaming red tubes billowing from the stage high into the air. It was lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing them headline a show next time. read more (45 words)


02-Apr-2007 11:24 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Lee's Palace in Toronto, Ontario Constantines March 30, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (16 photos)

Let me start out by saying whatever you've heard about the Constantines' live show is all true. They do severely rock, and strength of their show blasts out through the speakers with aggression. Bryan Webb's lead vocals are gruff and filled with spit and energy. Any bar they leave will be littered with empty, and a few broken, beer bottles. They put on a charged performance, which transferred to the crowd. They played two nights in a row to a packed Lee's Palace... here are some photos from the Friday night. I'll bet Saturday was even more wild. read more (64 words)

CMW: The Indies

09-Mar-2007 03:12 am Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Cadence Weapon
The Docks in Toronto, Ontario CMW: The Indies March 7, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (27 photos)

Kicking off Canadian Music Week were The Indies, formally known as the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards. An awards show that is in the spirit, and celebrates the success, of independent music. Hosted by Jully Black, the award ceremony included performances by: DJ Champion, Cadence Weapon, Neverending White Lights, Hellogoodbye, Rough Trade (who were inducted into the Indies Hall Of Fame), Priestess, Wolfmother, and The Stills. read more (377 words)

Bright Eyes

28-Feb-2007 10:25 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Bright Eyes
February 27 , 2007
The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario
Photos by: Pete Nema

Full Photo Set (7 photos)
Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is all about Conor Oberst, who has been making music professionally since the age of 14 in 1994. He has worked with a number of indie musicians, including members of Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, and Spoon. Bright Eyes' most recent CD release is from early 2005 entitled I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, but this current tour is just in advance of the next release, Cassadaga, due out April 10th, 2007. read more (2 words)

IndieCan Birthday Bash

18-Feb-2007 05:53 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
IndieCan Birthday Bash
February 16, 2007
Jeff Healey's Roadhouse in Toronto, Ontario
Photos by: Pete Nema

Tin Bangs Full Set (17 photos)
Anti-Hero Full Set (12 photos)

IndieCan Radio is a website where "indie fans meet indie bands". Their weekly podcast focuses on local Toronto talent with interviews and music. To celebrate IndieCan's birthday, a birthday bash was held at Jeff Healey's Roadhouse and was devoted to help AthletesCAN help Canadian amateur athletes. To start the evening, a short movie entitled What Is INDIE? was shown and then followed by performances by Tin Bangs (who have previously opened for The Killers), Anti-Hero (London Ontario's 2006 Rock Band of The Year), and Tocoma Redd (who recently had a successful CD launch at The Horseshoe). read more (41 words)