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Vacuity / Come On Get Real

13-Jul-2006 12:47 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Vacuity - Come On Get Real
6 Track CD
Copyright © 2006 Vacuity
Listen Listen to Strings
Enema Rating:
I have no idea what I was expecting when I finally got around to listening to Vacuity's new EP, Come On Get Real, but it wasn't this. Perhaps the relatively simple and plain cover art set my expectations low. Or maybe I was just having a bad day. The point is that I dropped the songs from this EP onto the end of my playlist and then started into some work. About fifteen minutes later, when iTunes was 45 seconds into playing the first track, Backstabber, I found my train of thought interrupted by some great music. I had completely forgotten I had added these songs to my playlist (that happens at 2AM) and needed to go back to iTunes to find out what was playing. Vacuity. Right! So I stopped what I was doing and listened. Good song, and the EP just got better from there. read more (268 words)

The Salads / The Big Picture

28-Jun-2006 12:03 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The Salads - The Big Picture
10 Track CD, Release Date: May 9, 2006
Label: Kindling Music
[Speaker] Listen to Circles [Speaker]
Enema Rating: (6/10)
The Salads third full length album, The Big Picture, can be described in one word: Big. We're talking big vocals, big guitar, big bass, and big drums. Really, seriously quite big. During the creation of this CD the band suffered through having all their equipment stolen, including the computer that stored their recordings. Although devastating, they say they were able to get back to where they were within good time because they focused on the big picture, and in doing so ended up naming the album. read more (326 words)

Centro-Matic / Fort Recovery

18-Jun-2006 12:06 pm Contributed by: Anonymous Music Reviews
Centro-Matic - Fort Recovery
12 Track CD
Label: Misra Records
[Speaker] Listen to Covered Up In Mines  [Speaker]
Review by: Steve Okun
Enema Rating: (9/10)
Their name might make you think of a blender you'd expect to see promoted on a late night infomercial. In actual fact, Centro-matic is a band that has been vigorously churning out new content since they were formed back in 1995. But their output is far better than the average blend. read more (458 words)

Top Johnny! - Kick It! (EP)

06-Apr-2006 08:54 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Top Johnny! - Kick It! EP
7 Track CD
© 2005 StarBrite Productions
[Speaker] Listen to Watching Me  [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Top Johnny! (exclamation point included) is a Montreal-based band that describes itself as an all-original high intensity party band, which may not be a bad description. Led by TJ STAR (songwriter, lead guitar, vocals, synth), this four member band creates a rather bizarre blend of music that is hard to classify. The best description I can think of is a cross between 80's rock, techno, and dance music. read more (376 words)

Vib Gyor - Demo EP

08-Mar-2006 08:04 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Vib Gyor - Demo EP
5 Track CD
© 2006 Vib Gyor
[Speaker] Listen to Permanent Disguise [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Vib Gyor is a Leeds-based band formed in 2004 who have yet to release a full-length CD, which I guess is the reason they sent me a five track demo EP on CD-R. The tracks on the demo EP are Fallen, Church Bell, How Long Have I Lost, Permanent Disguise, and Momentum. Dave Fendick (vocals, acoustic guitar) tells me that all five tracks were recorded and mixed on the home computer of Zane Keenan (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals). I wasn't entirely enthusiastic about reviewing material that is only in demo form, but if these five demo tracks represent what Vib Gyor can do on a home computer, then fans of early Radiohead and Coldplay are in for a huge treat when Vib Gyor releases their professionally recorded and mixed CD single that is due out in April. read more (453 words)

The Royal We - The Royal We

23-Feb-2006 08:15 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The Royal We - The Royal We
10 Track CD
© 2005 Rakete
[Speaker] Listen to Space 1999 [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
The Royal We are located in Germany, but rather than being influenced by stereotypical German bands like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, their sounds are more influenced by the music of Grandaddy and Sufjan Stevens, with some similarities to bands coming out of the U.K. In fact, if I hadn't been told they were located in Germany, I would've guessed incorrectly they were from the U.K., so I find some consolation in the fact that Dylan Kennedy (lead vocals, guitar) who formed the band was born and grew up near Reading, England. read more (641 words)

Broken Nose - goodBye prudeNce

11-Feb-2006 12:27 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Broken Nose - goodBye prudeNce
8 Track CD
© 2005 Broken Nose
[Speaker] Listen to Part 1...When I Fall [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Two things you need to know about Broken Nose: 1 - This CD made into my hands through my friend at Music Insight, it wasn't submitted directly to Pet Enema; and, 2 - I really don't want to be reviewing a lot of heavy metal or hard-core music like this. But despite this, after listening to the better portion of 8 songs, I decided to give Broken Nose a short review. The first noticeable thing about this CD is the incredibly cool packaging - Broken Nose put their music in round metal film canister-style CD holders. It looks great. But, like they always say, it's what's inside that counts... read more (231 words)

The New Lows - THE FREE EP

06-Feb-2006 10:56 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The New Lows - THE FREE EP
6 Track CD
© 2005 the new lows
[Speaker] Listen to Weeknights [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
The New Lows say it all started six years ago, and since then they have released 2 full length CDs. More recently, in late 2005, they decided to release a new EP aptly named THE FREE EP because the entire six song EP is available free from their website (in good quality 192kbps MP3s). They must be doing this in an attempt to get their music out to a larger audience, and it seems be working; The New Lows have over 36,000 friends listed on their MySpace page. Although the last two-thirds of the EP sounds more like a demo tape, there is definitely some real promise in the first two tracks. read more (297 words)

Used Alien Mind - Positive Mental Theme

01-Feb-2006 12:39 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Used Alien Mind - Positive Mental Theme
15 Track CD
© 2004 Zonked Records
[Speaker] Listen to Inside [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Much like NIN is Trent Reznor, Used Alien Mind is Mike Leporte. There is a comparison that can be made between the two, but I wouldn't want to mislead NIN fans into believing they will truly enjoy the music on this 15 track CD. Mike Leporte claims to have "a distaste for all that is mainstream", which is fortunate because it is highly unlikely he will accidentally end up a hypocrite. I should mention that I think Used Alien Mind is a great name, and I even like the CD cover art with its strange looking device. But when it comes to the 15 tracks on the CD, I find myself searching to provide constructive criticism, rather than just being cruel. I haven't completely succeeded. read more (713 words)

Qualone - Qualone

27-Jan-2006 01:01 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Qualone - Qualone
10 Track CD
© 2004 Big Green Buzzard Music/Lucid Haze Records
[Speaker] Listen to Midnight Sunday [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Qualone was formed in 2002, just about 30 years too late to really be on the cutting edge of hard rock. The first track Another Way starts out with the sounds of early Deep Purple and then moves quickly into Black Sabbath. When you hear the opening line "When you came passing by..." you'll swear you're listening to a lost track released by Ozzy himself. read more (327 words)