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Jason Segel Joins The Swell Season For A Song Filled With Personal Information

19-Nov-2009 06:10 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Check out this hilarious video captured at The Wiltern in Los Angeles of Jason Segel (from Forgetting Sarah Marshall) performing an original song. Marketa Irglova (vocals, keyboard) from The Swell Season provided Jason with the following guidance "write a song from the heart, and include as much personal information as you can". He took the advice straight to heart. Hilarious.

Over 50 Artists Participate in Busking For Change to Help War Child

05-Oct-2009 09:00 am Contributed by: pete Music News

This year was the second annual Busking For Change event organized by War Child, with the first official event happening in October 2008. However, it was back in 2007 that the idea for Busking For Change was created when Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace set out to the streets with two goals: To raise $30,000 for War Child by busking on the streets of Toronto, and at the same time make a music video for his latest solo hit song Yellow Brick Road. That was a major success, and so War Child ran with the idea. read more (245 words)

Free Music: Three Albums Worth Downloading

02-Oct-2009 07:40 pm Contributed by: pete Music News


There always seems to be some free music available on the intertubes, but this past week has been particularly free. I've received more emails in the last seven days offering free music than in the past three months. Here are three free selections in three different styles that are worth downloading. Enjoy.

  1. Hostage Life - Centre of the Universe [Punk Pop]
    • Remember Hostage Life? It's been three years since they released Walking Papers, but you will probably remember This Song Was Written By Committee, a song I still love to listen to every now and then.
  2. Crush Luther - Some People Have No Good To Give [Pop Rock]
    • This album is only free until October 13th, so if you're going to download it get it now. The free download is 128kbps, but they also offer a pay-what-you-can 320kbps version. If you can afford it, maybe throw the boys a fiver for their effort.
  3. The Rest - W.O.W. EP [Indie Rock]
    • This EP is a precursor to The Rest's Oct 12th full-length album release, Everyone All At Once, available through Rough Trade. Hints of Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire, I suppose.

Gentlemen Husbands Release Four Song EP For Free Download

17-Sep-2009 07:15 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

The Gentlemen Husbands have recently released a four track EP for free download. They've been described as "the ultimate bearded bar band, but with more energy and teenage angst". I haven't been out to see them perform yet, but their blues-tinged indie rock sounds like it could be a good accompaniment to a Friday night. On first listen, best of the four is Plans B&E.

Download the Gentlemen Husbands 4 Song Sampler

Info: Gentlemen Husbands | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

CONTEST: Jets Overhead Prize Pack

11-Sep-2009 11:00 am Contributed by: pete Music News

Due to the recent air shows at the CNE, it wasn't long ago that my Twitter feed was filled with the phrase "jets overhead". Every time I read it, for a moment I thought it was someone talking about the band Jets Overhead. But no. However, if you missed the air show and wish you were able to say "jets overhead" more often, now is your chance. read more (127 words)

Theory Of A Deadman, The Midway State, Stereos, and more @ The Artist Sanctuary, Toronto

03-Jul-2009 11:00 am Contributed by: pete Music News
Pat Kordyback (Stereos)
The Artist Sanctuary - Sunday
Hotel Le Germain Toronto, Ontario on June 21, 2009
Full Photo Set (24 photos)

Sometimes I wake up on Monday and wonder how I managed to get through the past few days without forgetting who I am. I was out on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for NXNE, and then spent some of Saturday at The Artist Sanctuary. I had to leave early on Saturday, but for a good reason: I had to get to a friend's all-night party that was taking place out of the city. And then when I returned to Toronto Sunday morning, I was back at The Artist Sanctuary. Who am I, and how did my life get to be this fun? read more (443 words)

Billy Talent, Switchfoot, Shad, and more @ The Artist Sanctuary, Toronto (Photos)

01-Jul-2009 07:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
The Artist Sanctuary - Saturday
Hotel Le Germain Toronto, Ontario on June 20, 2009
Full Photo Set (12 photos)

Although I had just spent three late nights out during NXNE, the MuchMusic Video Awards were coming up on Sunday night, and that meant getting to spend time at The Artist Sanctuary, an event that ran on both Saturday and Sunday. On the first day, I was only able to stay for a few hours, but during that time I saw live performances by Killer Green, Goodbye Beatdown, Samantha Schultz, and some freestyling from Shad. I also got to say hello to a number of people such as members of Billy Talent, Switchfoot, and Mobile, as well as people like Arisa Cox (from E!) and Ashley Leggat (from Life With Derek). There was an open bar with rooms setup by Sirius, New Balance/PF Flyers (such cool shoes), Nokia, Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Skull Candy, two rooms with spa-like facilities, and much more. read more (1 words)

NXNE '09 Opening Night w/ White Cowbell Oklahoma (Photos)

19-Jun-2009 01:30 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
White Cowbell Oklahoma
NXNE '09 Opening Night w/ White Cowbell Oklahoma
All over Toronto, Ontario on June 17, 2009
Full Photo Set (15 photos)

NXNE '09 kicked off with an Opening Party at The Berkeley Church, but the event of the night, the one that everyone was talking about the next day, was the Arts & Crafts opening night showcase at The Courthouse. The Special Guest turned out to be (fairly predictably) Broken Social Scene, but the unpredictable part was that Feist joined in the show. read more (256 words)

Pete's NXNE '09 Picks

15-Jun-2009 11:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Here it is, the week of NXNE, where Toronto is host to an amazing variety of independent music and music-related films from both Canada and abroad. I've been trying to find time to do some rough planning, but still haven't figured out where I'm going to end up. Despite that, here are picks that I hope provide you with enough incentive to get out and see some great independent music. read more (497 words)

Jami Lefebvre Is Making Something Right

22-Apr-2009 03:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Here's a song that's been in my collection for two years now that my iTunes decided to play for me on Sunday. The way I ended up with this track is unique: In August 2007, I was up North at a friend's cottage in the fairly remote town of Restoule, Ontario. It had been a great day that included beers down at the dock and lots of wine with dinner. At night, we could hear a party going on down the lake a bit, so a few of us went to check it out. read more (211 words)