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Holiday Prize-Pack Giveaways

27-Dec-2008 09:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News


Hey you! Merry Christmas and happy holidays and happy new year and happy everything else. We've made it almost a week past the shortest day of the year, which means that until late June it's nothing but increasing levels of Vitamin D for all of us. I've got two holiday prize packs to give away, so read on for your chance to win. read more (280 words)

Three Free Albums

03-Dec-2008 08:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Looking for some new music? Here are three free offerrings that have come across my desk recently. read more (22 words)

Gene Simmons in Toronto Scouting for Relaunch of Simmons Records

01-Dec-2008 09:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons
Paper Lions, Bleeker Ridge
Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto, Ontario on November 27, 2008
Full Photo Set (13 photos)

It's no secret that Gene Simmons has been in Toronto recently, scouting bands for the relaunch of his record label Simmons Records (in conjunction with Universal). Last week he was out taking over various venues in the early evening to view band showcases specifically for this purpose. I hear that the showcase with Down With Webster went well, and it has been reported that he is looking to sign them on. I was out early in the evening at the Tattoo Rock Parlour to see the showcase by Paper Lions and Bleeker Ridge. read more (180 words)

Lost and Found: An Unexpected Note

11-Oct-2008 02:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Last night, while on my way home from the Oh No Forest Fires CD Release party at Supermarket (photos coming in the next few days), I was waiting at Queen & Spadina for the streetcar. I think it was about 2:15am. I see the streetcar is arriving, and as I look down to step off the curb, I see a note that says "Awesome briefcase! (except for Bullet)". It's sort of funny because I'm not really sure what it means. Did the briefcase have a bullet hole? Is it a sarcastic threat to a some businessman? I decided to pick it up and stick it in my camera bag to bring home with me. I have no idea why, I'm not in the habit of picking up random garbage to bring home. Now the freaky part. read more (92 words)

War Child: Busking For Change - Our Lady Peace, Die Mannequin

06-Oct-2008 09:00 am Contributed by: pete Music News
Our Lady Peace Our Lady Peace

The Streets of Toronto, Ontario
Photos by: Pete Nema
War Child: Busking For Change
Our Lady Peace
Die Mannequin
October 2, 2008
Full Photo Set (8 photos)

In 2007, Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace set out to the streets with two goals: To raise $30,000 for War Child by busking on the streets of Toronto, and at the same time make a music video for his latest solo hit song Yellow Brick Road. Amazingly, he managed to raise over $22,000 that one day for War Child, with many thousands more coming in after-the-fact, once people learned about what he did. This year, the event grew to be much larger, with 34 bands and over 50 musicians participating throughout the day, even in the rain. read more (465 words)

NXNE 2008: Opening Party

16-Jun-2008 03:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
Monte Forte
The Palais Royale in Toronto, Ontario
Photos: Pete Nema
NXNE Opening Party June 11, 2008
Full Photo Set (6 photos)

NXNE is officially over now, which means it's time for me to go back and, using the power of digital photography, figure out what happened to me during the past four days. From what I can tell, it all started back on Wednesday night with the NXNE Opening Party. Moe Berg, formally of The Pursuit of Happiness, and his band Monte Forte entertained the party with a series of cover songs. And although the majority of people were out on the huge deck enjoying the beautiful and cool evening, the audio was being pumped through speakers outside along with video of the performance on a big screen TV. read more (156 words)

Pete's NXNE Picks

09-Jun-2008 12:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

This is the week of NXNE, where Toronto is host to an amazing variety of independent music and music-related films, from both Canada and abroad. This year, they've added a bunch of outdoor performances, including a whole pile of free shows at Yonge-Dundas Square, as well as more NXNE Extra shows with bands like My Morning Jacket, illScarlett, and Rough Trade. I've been doing some rough planning, but still haven't really figured out exactly where I'm going to end up. read more (578 words)

People In Planes Ticket Giveaway

01-May-2008 07:44 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Remember People In Planes? They're that 5-piece band from Wales that had that great song If You Talk To Much (My Head Will Explode) playing on the radio in 2006. Also, I took some photos of them playing at the Koolhaus that same year. Well, now they have a new album called Beyond The Horizon due out this summer, and I have a few goodies for you, including a ticket giveaway for their upcoming show in Toronto. read more (232 words)

Canadian Music Week: Picks

05-Mar-2008 01:13 am Contributed by: pete Music News

Rogers Wireless Canadian Music Week

The issue with festivals like Rogers MusicStore Canadian Music Week is that they are filled with conflicts when you are only one person. Or even two. The largest conflict this year is on Saturday when The Indies basically conflict with everything else. In a way, the presence of conflicts is good thing because it means there is just too much to see. My friend Tom and I have been doing some planning, and we're still not sure about our modus operandi, but we have made a number of picks. It will become extremely obvious why we can't possibly make it to all of these, but maybe you can make it to a few of the ones we don't. So, here are our picks for CMW. read more (378 words)

Best Of 2007

03-Jan-2008 12:23 am Contributed by: pete Music News
Just like last year, I decided to wait until January before publishing the obligatory Best Of Last Year article. As the year comes to a close, there are good concerts, good times, good friends, and good parties. The kind of events that can make you feel all happy and full of life. But then the new year comes and you're left with reality again. Exactly the frame of mind for picking out the real winners. And so, after a day of cold weather, sobriety, and my first day back at work, here are my picks.

The categories are:
  • Top 10 Concerts
  • Most Memorable Photo
  • Top 10 Albums
  • Biggest Disappointment
read more (1,305 words)