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Ratings Change

16-Aug-2006 08:42 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
I've decided to simplify my ratings. From now on there will be no half ratings, only a rating between one and five enemas. read more (135 words)

John Tucker Must Die

28-Jul-2006 03:21 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
The soundtrack to the movie John Tucker Must Die was released by Wind-Up Records 10 days ago on July 18th, but the actual movie opens in theatres today. Among others, the soundtrack contains tracks by People In Planes, Rock Kills Kid, OK Go, The All-American Rejects, Nada Surf, and Ben Lee covering Modest Mouse's Float On. I have no idea how good the movie will be, but whoever compiled the soundtrack deserves some kudos.

Buy John Tucker Must Die at

Vib Gyor to Release Debut Single

27-Jun-2006 12:12 am Contributed by: pete Music News
Vib Gyor (reviewed on March 8, 2006) will release their debut single Fallen on July 17th, 2006. Having heard an advance copy, I'm happy to report that it's exactly what I was hoping they would do in the studio. It adds originality, keeps the catchy melodies and swirling guitars, rounds out the sound, and tightens up the song. They've created something very radio ready and reported that they are getting some airplay in the U.S. already.

The Vib Gyor website appears to be getting an overhaul right now, hopefully to coincide with their release. Check back later to see their new site or, in the meantime, visit them on the Vib Gyor MySpace page for tour dates and other information.

NorthByNotheast, Toronto In June

01-Jun-2006 07:39 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
I'm examining my calendar and realizing that there is far, far too many great bands passing through Toronto in June. Normally this would be a good thing, but I have limited time in my schedule to get out, see these bands, and write reviews. Part of the reason for this heavy weather is the NorthByNotheast festival that runs June 8 - 10 when 400 bands will descend on Toronto and play 33 clubs over 3 nights. It's going to be amazing. read more (401 words)

NEW! Pete Nema On-Demand Streaming Radio

11-Mar-2006 05:08 pm Contributed by: doug Music News
Today I added an on-demand streaming radio so that you can listen to the music while you read the reviews. I've updated all the Listen links in the reviews to point to the new Pet Enema streaming server. Listen away!

Note: The bands that have submitted music directly to Pete Nema all seemed open to having one song available for streaming. The songs are streamed at medium quality (80 kbps) and are not for download - streaming only. If you discover your music is available here and you do not want it to be streamed contact me and I will remove it immediately.

Pet Enema - Cleansing Indie Music Reviews

20-Jan-2006 12:59 am Contributed by: doug Music News
Welcome to Pet Enema! A website dedicated to finding and reviewing great new independent music. It's not actually a site about giving your pet an enema. Nope, this site's goal is to help you and your pet avoid the enema. The music corporation enema. read more (81 words)