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illScarlett, Live @ The Orange Lounge

11-Jul-2007 07:30 pm Contributed by: pete Press Photos
The Orange Lounge in Toronto, Ontario illScarlett
Live @ The Orange Lounge
April 30, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (14 photos)

illScarlett was in The Orange Lounge studio on April 30th to record an interview and a few live videos for the Sympatico/MSN Live @ The Orange Lounge series. Previous artists include Billy Talent, Sam Roberts, Mobile, Snow Patrol, and many more. The session was published just recently, most likely to coincide with their debut full-length CD release All Day With It (released on July 10th, more on that coming soon). Have a look a the photos, and then be sure to go check out the live music videos and the interview Alex Norman (vocals, guitar) told a couple great stories during the interview, so don't miss it. read more (9 words)


15-May-2007 11:58 am Contributed by: pete Press Photos
Toronto, Ontario Staylefish February 24, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (4 photos)

Staylefish is a group out of London, Ontario with band members that come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Their music is based on a reggae framework with a rock music overlay, which is why they fit in sharing the stage with bands like Ill Scarlett. These photos were taken in February before one of their shows at Lee's Palace. In case you're wondering, the band name is derived from a boarding move called a stalefish (it's when you grab the the backside of your board with your back hand in front of your back foot). read more (7 words)

The Last True Gentlemen

09-Nov-2006 08:04 pm Contributed by: pete Press Photos
The Last True Gentlemen
November 5, 2006
Photos by: Pete Nema

The Last True Gentlemen are Andrew Clark (Vocals, Keyboards , Guitar), Adam O'Connor (Bass), and Mark Ansara (Drums) and they rock. Visit them now on MySpace and send them some love. read more (115 words)