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The 6ixty 8ights (23-Jul-08)
84 (08-Jun-07)

AC/DC (09-Jan-09)
AfterpartY (23-Jan-09)
After The Weather (24-Oct-08)
Afternoon Zero (12-Mar-09)
Against Me! (06-Sep-08)
Alpha Galates (11-Jul-08)
Amos The Transparent (18-Jun-09, 03-Jun-09, 22-May-09, 13-Mar-09, 12-Feb-09, 23-Jan-09, 17-Sep-08, 17-Aug-08, 12-Jun-08, 09-May-08)
Andrew W.K. (05-Feb-09)
Anti-Hero (16-Feb-07)
The Antlers (22-Jul-09)
Apostle Of Hustle (09-Mar-07)
The Apples In Stereo (20-Feb-07)
Arkells (27-Nov-09, 22-Oct-09, 29-Sep-09, 17-Jul-09, 29-Mar-09, 15-Mar-09, 13-Mar-09, 06-Feb-09, 16-Dec-08, 15-Dec-08, 06-Nov-08, 12-Sep-08, 07-Sep-08, 11-Jul-08, 13-Jun-08, 09-May-08, 07-Mar-08)
Arietta (21-Jul-09)
Arrows (21-Jul-07)
The Artist Life (05-Feb-09)
Asobi Seksu (20-Sep-06)
Athlete (06-Nov-07)
Attack In Black (13-Jun-08, 01-May-08, 08-Mar-08, 24-Oct-07, 31-Jul-07) (19-Aug-07)
Automatic (27-May-07)
Avril Lavigne (06-Aug-08)

B & The North (31-Jul-08, 11-Jan-08)
B.A. Johnston (08-Feb-08)
Bad Flirt (25-Jun-08)
The Bahamas (11-Feb-09)
Basement Arms (30-Apr-06)
Be Your Own Pet (25-Sep-06)
The Beat Poets (06-Mar-08)
Bedouin Soundclash (22-Oct-09, 12-Sep-08, 13-Jun-08)
Ben Folds (17-Feb-09, 06-Apr-07)
Ben Kweller (22-Feb-09)
Bend Sinister (10-Mar-09, 06-Jun-06)
The Besnard Lakes (12-Oct-07, 08-Mar-08)
Beth In Battle Mode (09-May-08, 08-Mar-08)
The Beautiful Unknown (13-Aug-08, 22-May-08, 27-Oct-06)
BIGIDEAS (15-Nov-07, 18-Jan-08)
Bionic (13-Jun-08)
Bird Of Wales (12-Feb-09, 06-Nov-08, 12-Jun-08, 28-may-08, 22-May-08, 16-Jan-08, 04-Oct-07)
Black Diamond Bay (21-Jul-09, 24-Jun-08, 14-Jun-08)
Black Hat Brigade (10-Oct-08, 11-Jul-08)
Black Lips (25-Sep-06)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (01-Oct-07)
The Blakes (25-Apr-08, 26-Nov-07)
Bleeker Ridge (27-Nov-08)
Blind Dog Circus (18-May-07)
Blue October (19-May-09)
Blue Rodeo (07-May-07)
Brant Bjork and The Bros (13-Jun-08, 07-May-07)
Brendan Benson (24-Aug-09)
Brent Randall & His Pinecones (24-Apr-09)
Bright Eyes (27-Feb-07)
Broken Social Scene (24-Sep-08, 10-Sep-06)
Built To Spill (06-Oct-09, 11-Jul-07)
Burning Brides (19-Jun-09)
By Divine Right (30-May-08)

C'mon (01-May-09, 07-May-07)
Cadence Weapon (07-Mar-07)
Cage The Elephant (15-Oct-09
Cake (25-Sep-08)
Calidonia (14-Aug-09)
Calla (11-Apr-07)
Camera Obscura (26-Aug-07)
Camouflage Nights (07-May-07)
Cancel Winter (12-Jun-08)
Cancer Bats (19-Aug-07)
Casper & the Cookies (03-May-07, 20-Feb-07)
Cat Power (22-Nov-06)
Champion (22-Nov-06)
Chikita Violenta (21-Apr-09)
City and Colour (14-Sep-07)
The Cliks (08-Mar-08)
Clothes Make The Man (24-Apr-09)
The Coast (12-Jun-08)
Cold War Kids (30-Aug-09)
Constantines (02-Apr-09, 06-Sep-08, 01-May-08, 30-Mar-07)
Cracker (24-Jul-06)
Crash Karma (17-Nov-09)
Crash Kelly (19-Aug-07)
Creatues (11-Jul-08)
Creepshow (13-Jun-08)
Crooked Fingers (12-Oct-08)
Crowned King (20-Nov-08)
Cure Gravity (12-Mar-09)
Cut Throat Britva (20-Oct-09)

Daniel Wesley Band (13-Jun)
Danielle Duval (30-Aug-07)
Danny Michel (30-Nov-06)
The Darcys (23-Jul-08)
David Bidini (24-Jun-08)
Daylight For Deadeyes (16-May-08)
Deerhunter (23-Apr-07)
Dead Meadow (24-Mar-08)
Dearly Beloved (11-Apr-08, 07-Mar-08, 28-Aug-06)
The Dears (30-Apr-09)
Death Cab For Cutie (07-Jun-08)
The Decemberists (03-Aug-09)
Deleted Scenes (05-Jul-09)
The Details (18-Jun-09, 16-Apr-09)
Die Mannequin (09-Dec-09, 05-Feb-09, 02-Oct-08, 15-Aug-08, 28-Feb-08, 08-Jun-07)
Dinosaur Bones (28-Aug-09, 12-Feb-09, 03-Dec-08, 10-Oct-08, 17-Sep-08, 21-Aug-08, 05-Mar-08)
Disraelis (07-May-07)
DJ Champion (07-Mar-07)
Dodger (19-Dec-08)
Dog Day (28-May-09)
Down With Webster (08-Oct-09, 29-Aug-09, 14-May-09, 13-Mar-09, 13-Jun-08, 21-Dec-07)
Drew Smith (15-Nov-07)
Drowning Girl (07-Mar-08, 05-Dec-07)
The Dudes (29-Mar-09)
The Dunes (08-Oct-08, 22-May-08, 26-Mar-08)

Earlimart (05-Oct-07)
Econoline Crush (06-Mar-08)
Edwin (19-Aug-07)
Eleven Minutes (18-May-07
Elias (13-Nov-09)
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton (01-Oct-06)
Emm Gryner (25-Apr-07, 16-Nov-06)
The Ending (05-Dec-08)
Entire Cities (14-Jun-08)
The Ettes (28-Feb-07)
Evanescence (13-Oct-06)
Evans Blue (22-Nov-06)
The Evelyn Room (09-Jun-09)
Everything All The Time (21-Aug-08)
The Exchanges (14-Sep-07)

Fiftywatthead (01-May-09)
Finger Eleven (24-Oct-07)
Flash Lightnin (12-Jun-08)
The Flatliners (05-Feb-09, 17-Aug-08, 15-Aug-08, 11-Jul-08)
Fleece Elves (29-May-08)
The Frames (20-Apr-07)
The Framework (17-Dec-08, 03-Jan-08)
Fountains Of Wayne (10-Jun-07)
Fourlines (04-Aug-07)
Fourway Flashers (24-Jan-07)
Foxfire (25-Apr-08)
Fox Jaws (21-Aug-09, 10-Apr-09, 23-Jan-09, 09-May-08, 20-Jul-07)
Franz Ferdinand (29-Aug-09)
Fred (08-Oct-08)
Frightened Rabbit (22-Jul-09)

Gentleman Auction House (22-Jan-07)
Geronimo (08-Jun-07)
The Ghost Is Dancing (15-Oct-09)
Gibson Party (29-Mar-09)
The Golden Dogs (15-Mar-09, 11-Feb-09, 30-May-08, 10-Mar-07, 24-Jul-06, 25-May-07)
The Golden Hands Before God (11-Nov-08, 13-Jun-08, 30-Nov-07)
Grand Theft Bus (18-Jun-09)
Grizzly Bear (29-Aug-09, 20-Sep-07)
Gruff Rhys (25-Sep-07)
Gypsophillia (24-Oct-08)

Hail The Villain (12-Mar-09)
The Harold Wartooth (19-Jul-08)
Hellogoodbye (07-Mar-07)
Hello Beautiful (18-Jan-08)
Hey Ocean! (07-Mar-08)
Hey Rosetta! (04-Dec-09, 22-Sept-09, 24-Apr-09, 15-Mar-09, 03-Dec-08, 19-Nov-08)
Hexes and Ohs (17-Aug-08)
The High Dials (08-Mar-07)
The Hold Steady (06-Aug-07)
The Holy Fields (02-Nov-06, 05-Dec-07)
Hollerado (12-Feb-09, 15-Dec-08)
The Hollows (18-Jan-08)
Hooded Fang (30-July-09)
Hospital Bombers (12-Jun-08)
Hostage Life (11-Jul-08. 15-Dec-06, 22-Nov-06)
Hot Springs (13-Jun-08)
Howl (29-May-08)
Hungry Lake (29-May-08)
Hylozoists (03-May-07)

Iain Nabil (07-Aug-08)
Iglu & Hartly (29-Aug-09)
illScarlett (05-Dec-09, 22-Oct-09, 29-Sep-09, 13-Mar-09, 19-Dec-08, 06-Aug-08, 13-Jun-08, 07-Mar-08, 06-Mar-08, 08-Feb-08, 21-Dec-07, 23-Nov-07, 24-Oct-07, 09-Oct-07, 10-Jul-07, 09-Jun-07, 30-Apr-07, 15-Dec-06, 22-Nov-06)
Incura (12-Mar-09)
Infighter (04-Jun-08)
Inward Eye (09-Apr-09, 11-Mar-09, 12-Mar-09, 07-Mar-08)
Islands (28-Sep-06)
The Isosceles Project (19-Jul-08)

Jack's Mannequin (05-Dec-09)
Jen Militia (08-Mar-07)
Jerry Leger & The Situation (10-Jan-07)
JET (06-Jul-09, 26-Nov-06)
Jets Overhead (17-Sep-09, 09-Jun-09, 08-Jun-06)
The Joel Plaskett Emergency (11-Dec-07, 01-Oct-06)
The Johnstones (29-Oct-09, 29-Sep-09)
Jon-Rae and the River (30-Mar-07)
Joshue Bartholemew (02-oct-08, 30-Jul-08, 07-Mar-08)
Julie Fader (04-Dec-09)
Jully Black (05-Mar-08)

Kaiser Chiefs (18-Apr-07)
Kansas City Shuffle (30-Nov-07)
K-OS (22-Nov-06)
Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle (09-Aug-06)
Ketch Harbour Wolves (20-Jul-07)
Key Witness (30-Nov-07)
Kill The Lights (20-Jun_07)
Kings Of Leon (07-Nov-08, 12-Jun-07)
The Kooks (06-Sep-08)
Krief (19-Oct-07, 30-Aug-07)
Kyle Riabko (23-Oct-06)

La Strada (04-Dec-09)
Ladyhawk (14-Jun-08, 18-May-07)
The Last True Gentlemen (09-Jun-09, 28-May-08, 20-Nov-07, 04-Aug-07, 18-Aug-06)
The Last Town Circus (26-Aug-07)
Les Breastfeeders (06-Mar-08, 08-Mar-07, 01-Oct-06)
Les Trois Accords (01-Oct-06)
Library Voices (28-Jul-09, 21-Jul-09)
Lights (29-Jan-08, 07-May-07)
Lindi Ortega (19-Mar-08)
Lindy (04-Jun-08)
Little Foot Long Foot (05-Mar-08)
Low Level Flight (29-Jan-09, 31-Jul-08)
Lowest Of The Low (08-Mar-08)
Luke Doucet & Melissa McClelland (07-May-07)

Mackenzie Kristjón (04-Jun-08)
Madviolet (16-Nov-06)
Magneta Lane (29-Sep-09, 22-Jan-09, 17-Feb-08)
Major Grange (21-Aug-09, 30-May-08, 11-Dec-07)
Major Maker (12-Jun-08. 31-Oct-07)
Make Your Exit (22-May-09, 10-Apr-09, 30-Jan-09, 24-Oct-08)
Marianas Trench (04-Oct-07, 09-Jun-07)
Mardeen (18-Jun-09, 06-Sep-08)
The Mark Inside (10-Mar-07)
Mark Berube and The Patriotic Few (19-Jun-09, 11-Jan-08)
Matt Duffin 17-Sep-08)
Matt Mays & El Torpedo (06-Nov-08, 14-Jun-08, 10-Sep-06)
Matthew Barber (14-Jun-08)
Matthew Good (22-Oct-09, 24-Oct-07)
The Matthews Brothers (08-Oct-08)
The May Bees (02-Nov-06)
Megan Hamilton & The Hamilton Canola (10-Feb-08)
Meligrove Band (04-Oct-07)
Melissa Auf der Maur (19-Jun-09)
Metric (22-Oct-09, 22-Sept-09)
MGMT (06-Sep-08)
Michou (30-Jan-09)
Midlake (12-Feb-07)
The Midway State (20-Nov-08, 06-Sep-08)
Mike Celia (04-Aug-07)
Mink (11-Apr-08, 10-Aug-07)
Mixylodian (12-Jun-08)
Mobile (22-Nov-06)
Moby (07-Sep-08)
Modernboys Moderngirls (18-Jun-09, 23-Jan-09, 21-Aug-08)
Moneen (15-Dec-08, 31-Jul-07)
Mother Mother (22-Oct-09)
Motion City Soundtrack (05-Dec-09)
Mudmen (19-Aug-07)
Murder City Sparrows (25-Feb-09)
MuteMath (30-Aug-09)
My Morning Jacket (18-Jun-08)

N.E.R.D. (30-Aug-09)
Neil Leyton (15-Nov-06)
Neverending White Lights (29-Sep-09, 09-Jun-07, 07-Mar-07, 22-Nov-06)
The New Odds (12-Jun-08, 12-Jun-08)
The New Pornographers (21-Oct-07, 08-Mar-08)
Nicole Atkins & The Sea (17-Feb-08)
Night Flowers (28-Oct-08)
Nine Inch Nails (30-Aug-09)
Noah's Arkweld (07-Jan-09, 08-Sep-07, 08-Jun-07)
The Novaks (27-Nov-09)

Oasis (07-Sep-08)
OFFICE (05-Oct-07)
Oh No Forest Fires (10-Oct-08, 21-Aug-08, 18-Apr-08, 26-Nov-07)
OK Go (31-Mar-07, 01-May-06)
Okkervil River (12-Oct-08, 21-Sep-07)
Oldfolks Home (16-Apr-09)
Oliver Black (23-Nov-07)
The Operation MD (24-Oct-07)
Our Lady Peace (30-Aug-09, 12-Mar-09, 02-Oct-08)

The Paint Movement (28-Aug-09, 10-Apr-09, 29-May-08)
The Painted Birds (02-Oct-08)
Paolo Nutini (29-Aug-09)
Paper Lions (27-Nov-08, 25-Sep-08, 07-Sep-08)
The Parlor Mob (25-Feb-09)
Patrick Watson (14-Dec-07, 24-Sep-07)
Paul Price (14-Aug-09, 22-May-08)
Peeler (16-Jan-07)
Perry Farrel's Satellite Party (10-Aug-07)
Pet Shop Boys (30-Aug-09)
The Plastic Constellations (20-Jun-06)
People In Planes (15-May-08, 29-Jun-06)
The Pigeon Detectives 07-Sep-08)
Pilot Speed (13-Nov-09, 20-Jun-07, 29-Jun-06)
The Pinker Tones (09-Jun-07)
Pixies (29-Aug-09)
Plants And Animals (30-Aug-09, 18-Sep-08, 06-Mar-08)
The Polyphonic Spree (05-Jul-07)
Pony Up! (04-Feb-07)
Port O'Brien (26-Oct-07)
The Presidents Of The United States Of America (21-Apr-09)
Pride Tiger (01-May-09, 30-Jan-07, 06-Jun-06)
Priestess (07-Mar-07)
Protest The Hero (08-Feb-08)
Provincial Parks (10-Apr-09)
Public (02-Oct-08, 07-Aug-08)
PURRR (17-Mar-08)


Ra Ra Riot (06-Sep-08)
The Raconteurs (10-Sep-06)
Rah Rah (18-Jun-09)
Raine Maida (24-Oct-07)
The Reason (03-Jun-09)
Rebel Emergency (27-May-07, )
The Red Light Riot (10-Mar-07)
Revival Dear (04-Jun-09, 14-Jun-08, 02-Nov-07, 22-Jun-07, 10-Jan-07)
Revolver (19-Aug-07)
Rheostatics (29-March-07)
The Robot Ate Me (15-Apr-07)
Rogue Wave (07-Jun-08, 26-Oct-07)
Rough Trade (07-Mar-07)
Ruby Coast (17-Jul-09, 18-Sep-08)
Run With The Kittens (11-Apr-08, 14-Sep-07)
The Rural Alberta Advantage (30-July-09)

The Sadies (19-Jun-09)
Said The Whale (28-Oct-09, 14-Jun-08)
Saigon Hookers (08-Oct-08)
The Saint Alvia Cartel (19-Dec-08, 06-Sep-08, 15-Aug-08, 24-Oct-07)
The Salads (15-Aug-08)
Sam Roberts (11-Nov-08, 22-Nov-06, 10-Sep-06)
Sass Jordan (29-Sep-09)
Scarlet Sins (27-May-07)
The Schomberg Fair (17-Jul-08, 08-Feb-08, 19-Oct-07)
Scribbled Out Man (29-Mar-07)
Seawolf (09-May-07)
Sebastien Grainger (24-Sep-08)
Secret Machines (22-Oct-08)
Seedy Ease (30-Aug-07)
Semi Precious Weapons (17-Aug-08)
Shapes and Sizes (21-Jul-07)
She Wants Revenge (01-May-06)
Shotgun and Jaybird (30-Mar-07)
Shudder To Think (06-Sep-08)
Sigrun Stella (04-Jun-08)
The Silt (08-Jul-09)
Silversun Pickups (15-Oct-09, 07-Sep-08, 09-May-07)
Simon wilcox (07-May-07)
Skybombers (13-Aug-08)
Skytone (06-Jan-07)
Sleeping In The Aviary (07-May-07)
Sleeps Six (13-Nov-08)
Sloan (29-Aug-09, 11-Mar-09, 12-Jun-08)
Small Sins (31-Oct-07)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin (18-Apr-08)
Songs From A Room (19-Jun-09, 03-Jun-09, 11-Mar-09, 16-Dec-08, 25-Apr-08, 09-Jan-08)
South (22-Aug-06)
Sparklehorse (23-Feb-07, 01-Nov-06)
Spiral Beach (11-Nov-08, 07-Sep-08)
Spirits (08-Mar-08)
Spoon (15-Oct-07)
The Stables (08-Feb-08)
Stars (07-Jun-08)
Stars Of Track And Field (29-Jul-07, 09-Mar-07)
Stefy (08-Sep-06)
Stereophonics (07-Sep-08)
Stereos (13-Mar-09)
Still Life Still (28-Aug-09, 17-Jul-09)
The Stills (22-Oct-09, 24-Sep-08, 07-Mar-07)
Stone Temple Pilots (17-Nov-09)
The Strokes (10-Sep-06)
Sum 41 (27-Mar-08)
Summerside (20-Nov-07)
Superstack (30-Jan-07)
Sweet Thing (27-Nov-09, 09-May-08)
The Swell Season (03-Nov-09)

Tapes 'n Tapes (14-Apr-08, 18-May-07)
Team Robosphere (04-Oct-07)
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (12-Jun-08)
Tele (16-Apr-09)
Television (09-Jun-06)
The Temper Trap (20-Oct-09)
These Three Cities (29-Jan-09, 17-Dec-08, 28-May-08)
They Shoot Horses Don't They? (21-Jul-07)
Thornley (09-Apr-09, 05-Dec-08)
Tickle Me Pink (28-Oct-08)
Tin Bangs (16-Feb-07, 06-Jan-07
TK Webb & The Visions (22-Oct-08)
Tokyo Police Club (08-Mar-08)
Thriving Ivory (20-Nov-08)
Treasure Hunt (10-Sep-09)
Trole (12-Dec-06)
Trophy (18-Jan-08, 09-Oct-07, 05-Dec-07)
Two Hours Traffic (15-Mar-09, 09-Jun-07)

Uncut (08-Mar-07)
The Undesirables (04-Jun-09)
The Unionist Ministers (17-Jul-08)

Via Audio (18-Apr-08)
Vacuity (25-Feb-09, 26-Mar-08, 06-Jan-07, 13-Jul-06)
VASLAV (18-May-07
Vesta Varro (08-Oct-08, 16-May-08, 17-Mar-08, 07-Mar-08)
Voila (30-Jan-09)
Von Bondies (30-Aug-09)

The Waking Eyes (02-Apr-09, 06-Feb-09)
Walter Schreifels (31-Jul-07)
The Watson Twins (22-Feb-09)
We Are The Take (20-Oct-09, 17-Sep-09, 18-Jun-09, 06-Feb-09, 29-Jan-09, 16-Dec-08, 06-Sep-08, 23-Jul-08, 25-Jun-08, 13-Jun-08, 22-May-08, 29-Jan-08, 09-Jan-08, 04-Oct-07)
We Are Wolves (13-Jun, 14-Jun-08)
The Weakerthans (22-Sept-09, 02-Apr-09, 07-Sep-08)
Webster Death (17-Aug-08)
Weezer (05-Dec-09)
The Wet Secrets (12-Jun-08)
The Wilderness (22-Jan-09)
The Wilderness Of Manitoba (30-July-09)
Whisky Foxes (07-Aug-08)
White Cowbell Oklahoma (12-Jun-08, 12-Jun-08, 08-Jun-07)
White Denim (14-Apr-08)
William Delray And The Sexy Moving Parts (08-Jul-09)
Wintersleep (06-Sep-08, 01-Oct-08, 31-Jan-08)
THe WitHouts (14-Aug-09, 13-Nov-08, 29-Nov-07)
The Wizard Of Rock (31-Oct-07)
The Wooden Sky (01-Oct-08)
Woodward Company (13-Jan-09)
Wolfmother (07-Mar-07, 10-Sep-06)
WordPEOPLE (20-Feb-09)


Yeah Yeah Yeahs (07-Sep-07)
The Year Of Acceleration (01-May-06)
Year Of The Monkey (23-May-07
The Yoko Casionos (10-Mar-07)
Young Galaxy (10-Sep-09, 15-Mar-09, 07-Jun-08, 08-Mar-08, 12-Oct-07, 20-Apr-07)
Young Rival (16-Dec-08)

Zack Werner (29-Sep-09)
Zeus (29-Jul-09, 08-Jul-09, 18-Jun-09, 11-Feb-09)

Music Reviews & News


ADA (03-Dec-08)
Alexisonfire (22-Sept-09)
The American Analog Set (28-Feb-06)
Amos The Transparent (08-Mar-09)
Apollo Sunshine (22-Apr-08)
Arkells (26-Nov-08)
The Artist Santuary (29-Mar-09, 28-Mar-09, 27-Mar-09, 11-Jul-08)
Athlete (27-Oct-06)
Audible (18-Mar-06)

Backseat Driver (22-May-07)
Band Names For A Bad Economy (01-Feb-09)
Belle and Sebastian (04-Jun-07)
Bend Sinister (20-May-06)
Best Of 2007 (03-Jan-08)
Best Of 2008 (02-Jan-09)
Beulah (08-May-06)
Black Moth Super Rainbow (17-Apr-09)
Broken Nose (11-Feb-06)
Broken Social Scene (20-Jan-06)
Built Like Alaska (15-May-06)

Cage The Elephant (02-Jun-09)
Calla (20-Sep-06)
Canadian Music Week (09-Mar-09, 05-Mar-08)
Canadians (07-Feb-08)
Centro-Matic (18-Jun-06)
Chris Corbell (19-Dec-06)
Crush Luther (02-Oct-09)

Dan Mangan (22-Sept-09)
Danny Michel (06-May-07)
The Decemberists (08-Mar-09)
The Details (08-Apr-08)
Dirty Penny (22-May-07)
Dish (17-Apr-09)
DJ For Hire (16-Jan-07)
Doves (28-Jan-09)
Drew Danburry (04-Dec-06)

Earlimart (13-Feb-06)
Elbow (18-Apr-06, 07-Feb-06)
The Evens (12-Feb-07)

Far From Shore (19-Dec-06)
The Figgs (04-Jul-07)
Finger Eleven (06-Sep-07)
Fishing For Comets (19-Dec-06)
The Flaming Lips (04-Apr-06)
The Free Press (18-May-07)

The Gary (17-Apr-09)
Gene Simmons (27-Nov-08)
Gentlemen Husbands (17-Sep-09)
The Golden Dogs (15-Aug-06)
Grandaddy (20-Feb-06)

Hey Rosetta! (17-Dec-08)
The Hibernauts (06-Sep-07)
Holler, Wild Rose! (07-Mar-09)
Hollerado (26-Jan-09)
Hostage Life (02-Oct-09)

illScarlett (13-Aug-09, 18-Dec-08)
Islands (14-Jul-08)

Jami Lefebvre (22-Apr-09)
Jason Segel (19-Nov-09)
Jets Overhead (01-May-06)

Killola (03-Dec-08)
Kings Of Leon (10-Mar-06)
The Kooks (04-Jun-08, 23-Jan-07)

Last American Buffalo (07-Feb-08)
The Last True Gentlemen (05-Nov-06, 28-Jul-06)

Matt Pond PA (03-Dec-08)
Menomena (04-Apr-06)
Modest Mouse (28-Apr-07)
The Morning Stars (24-Mar-07)

The New Lows (06-Feb-06)
Nick Danger And The Danger City Rebels (19-Dec-06)
NXNE (14-Jun-08, 11-Jun-08, 09-Jun-08, 08-May-07)
The Nyquist Frequency (16-Jan-07)

Ok Go 13-Nov-06)

Pale Young Gentlemen (07-Jan-09, 05-Nov-08)
Paper Lions (05-Nov-08)
The Parlor Mob (08-Mar-09)
Peeler (16-Jan-07)
People In Planes (01-May-08, 27-May-06)
Perkinswood (16-Jan-07)
Phoenix (17-Oct-06)
Proud Simon (24-Mar-07)

Qualone (27-Jan-06)

The Rest (02-Oct-09)
Richard Cheese (09-Apr-06)
Ride Your Bike (24-Mar-07)
Rogue Wave (03-Jun-06)
The Royal We (23-Feb-06)

The Salads (28-Jun-06)
Silverchair (06-Sep-07)
Skinner (17-Aug-07)
Sleeping In The Aviary (22-May-07)
The Slips (26-Oct-07)
Stars Of Track And Field (24-Mar-07)
Staylefish (27-Feb-07)
Stephen Malkmus (16-Apr-06)
Super Furry Animals (31-Jan-09)
Superchunk (13-Jul-06)
Supergrass (25-Mar-06)
Surface (09-Oct-06)
The Swell Season (19-Nov-09)
Switch Flicker (06-Sep-07)

Tacoma Redd (08-Aug-06)
Tapes 'n Tapes (30-Aug-06
Top Johnny! (06-Apr-06)
TV On The Radio (26-Sep-06)

Used Alien Mind (01-Feb-06)

Vacuity (24-Feb-09, 19-Aug-08)
Vib Gyor (08-Mar-06)

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Whale Tooth (27-Dec-09)


Young Galaxy (22-Jul-07)